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Snow Cult Scuffle is a level in Inkwell Isle Four, where the fight with Mortimer Freeze takes place. It is represented on the map by an ice stadium.


The location of Snow Cult Scuffle can be found on the right side of the mountain area, or the upper right side of the airplane area in the snowy area.


"It'll be a hot December before I let you be a member."
Mortimer Freeze, Phase 1 Death Screen

Before the battle begins, Mortimer Freeze will skate off his throne while catching his hat in the process and proceeds to fly on top of the battlefield afterwards.

Mortimer Freeze will use three attacks during his first phase:

  • Mortimer will open his cape, which summons four icicles onto the stage that will constantly run around.
  • A second attack in which Mortimer will bring out his orange winter whale from his hat and slam it onto the battlefield; in which the whale will descend underground afterwards. This attack can knock out the icicles.
  • A third attack which has Mortimer bring out a crystal ball and summon cards in the direction of Cuphead/Mugman/Ms. Chalice. One of the cards can also can be parried.
After taking enough hits, Mortimer will ring a bell, will has a snow monster lower on top of him, and the stomach of the monster will fill in, while it comes alive and breaks free from its chains.

Mortimer Freeze, Phase 2 Death Screen

In this phase the Snow Monster will attempt to continue to attack the players.

  • The Snow Monster, will roll onto the other side, prompting the players to jump and dash in order to avoid him. Sometimes, he can roll several times, then jump back to his original spot.
  • His second attack is where he will pound the ground, causing four spikes to pop out from his shockwave.
  • His third attack where he turns into a refrigerator and will launch ice cubes in an arc, that will break into smaller ice cubes when the hit the ground. His face can also open, revealing twin popsicle bats that will target the players. One of the popsicles are also parryable.

After taking enough damage, the Snow Monster will stop attacking, and the upper of his body will burst into the snowflake, while the platforms appear to lead the players to the top of the stadium to the final phase. His legs then walk off.

In Simple Mode, the fight ends there.

"It’s Aurora Borea-all over for you!"
Mortimer Freeze, Phase 3 Death Screen

This phase is not fought in Simple Mode.

In this phase, Mortimer is in his snowflake form and has the following attacks:

  • One where he turns one of his points into a crank, in which one of his eyes pop out and move in a boomerang arc and will vertically zap anybody who comes into contact with it.
  • A second attack where his mouth turns into an ice cream stand that has the ghost of Mortimer create snow cone monsters.
  • A third attack where Mortimer's hands will shoot buckets from. Once the buckets hit the other side, they will burst into three crescent moons. Once of these buckets can be parried.

Mortimer can also move constantly to the other side during this phase.

After enough hits, the fight will end. Mortimer's snowflake form melts, and reveals him shivering in defeat, likely indicating he has caught a cold.


Regular Mode Expert Mode
How_To_Beat_Mortimer_Freeze_NO_DAMAGE_(A+_Rank)_-_Cuphead_DLC How_To_Beat_Mortimer_Freeze_on_EXPERT_MODE_(S-Rank)_-_Cuphead_DLC


Version Soundtrack
Original/In-game soundtrack
Death screen soundtrack


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