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Silverworth is one of the characters on the World Map. He will give you a sidequest to get a high rank (A- or higher) on 15 different levels. He will reward you with a Two Tone filter mode. He is located in Inkwell Isle Three.

Appearance []

Silverworth is a silver fork with a glass monocole on his left eye, a fancy red suit, and brown dress shoes along with white gloves.


Silverworth is very proud of his status as the principal of Inkwell Elementary, and is motivated to talk about the "special way" he sees the world... if you've become a Grade-A specialist like him. This reflects the part of his personality about him preferring to see Grade-A students at his school.

Passage dialogue[]

2-Strip mode not obtained (first time)[]

"Let's be honest, fellows, shall we?
There is a class of grade A people, and then there is... well...
...everyone else.
At the moment, you seem like... everyone else,
and that means that you cannot experience the world in the special way I do."

2-Strip mode not obtained (second time)[]

"I would so love to count you among my grade A friends!
You are almost there, it is true.
But there is no 'almost' when it comes to seeing or hearing the way I do.
You either can... or cannot"

2-Strip mode obtained[]

"My stars, you did it!
You are truly grade A in my book!
Now you can experience the world in the special way i do!"


"My dear friends, you just earned a great bonus, check out yer option menu for a new visual mode!"



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