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Shy Shrimps are one of the enemies found in the Run 'N Gun level Perilous Piers on Inkwell Isle Three.


Shy Shrimps are small crustaceans with six swimmerets and a wide open mouth that can either be red, orange or pink. They may or may not be a smaller cousin or even the children of Kaptain Krustacean.


Shy Shrimps appear during the last section of the level with the octopus. They'll jump from the water and then will fall down trying to hit the player(s). As such, they serve more as an environmental hazard than an actual 'enemy'.

Fortunately, Shy Shrimps are extremely weak when it comes to their health, requiring only one shot of any weapon to take them down. The pink one may even be parried if one is skillful enough. The only threat they pose is sheer numbers combined with other enemies and hazards. As such, weapons like Spread is excellent when it comes to countering them.

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