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The Shooting Range is a miniboss from Funfair Fever of Inkwell Isle Two, making her appearance in the outdoors section after the cannons.


The Shooting Range is a sapient red arcade cabinet. She has metal decorations on the top with a light green ticket slot below her, two orange and yellow slots on the front glass, with the holes serving as eyes, teeth below the glass, a coin slot below that and four metal legs. Two black arms extend from metal rings on the side, with the left arm holding a cartoon rifle. Inside the glass are duck props on sticks. When she is defeated, she loses everything above the mouth.


The Shooting Range appears near the end of the level. She will shoot her rifle up in the sky and scream "YEEHAA!" Then, duck props will start falling in a line either from in front of it to the back, or vice-versa. Is possible to skip this fight without damage using smoke bomb. Simply hold duck and dash towards it, and the player can actually duck under her without taking damage! This is useful during a pacifist run or just skipping the fight.


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