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Sherman and Dorris are a bulldog and Dachshund romantic couple and recurring minor characters in The Cuphead Show!. They are characters original to the show and are voiced by Andrew Morgado and Grey Griffin-DeLisle, respectively.


Each other[]

Throughout their appearances, the two are seen tensed and constantly arguing over a number of matters, such as Dorris accusing Sherman of always working, as he has apparently missed several anniversaries for his job, or Sherman "always correcting" Dorris when she mispronounces things.

Despite their constant bickering, it's shown that the couple genuinely love each other and often engage in romantic activities, such as kissing under a mistletoe, playing games at the carnival together, and eating spaghetti at a restaurant. Although, their activities are often interrupted or even ruined by other characters, which serves as a running gag in the series for the two.


  • A running gag involving the two is that every time they try to share a romantic moment, there is a good chance someone, whether it be Cuphead or the Devil, will ruin it.
  • While there's no doubt that Sherman and Dorris are romantically involved, it's uncertain whether they're actually married or dating. Still, there are some instances that imply they are, in fact, spouses.