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"Looks like your skills have gone AWOL, fleabags."
Sergeant O'Fera, Death Screen

Sergeant O'Fera is the leader for the Howling Aces, and the final mini-boss faced by the player in Doggone Dogfight.


Sergeant O'Fera is a slender, female saluki dog who wears a yellow pilot's suit with a red collar, a red chest pocket on the right, with a red armband bearing a crossbone symbol and a red belt. She also wears brown open finger gloves and calf-high high-heeled boots, and a red garrison cap. She has long ears resembling twintails and a long snout. A patch of forelock stick out from her hat.


Although Sergeant O'Fera's personality is currently unknown, her facial expression shows that she’s a serious, no-nonsense leader of the Howling Aces.


O'Fera salutes to the players before being carried away by her Dog Chinook. Her tail also makes a saluting gesture.


Sergeant O'Fera enters the battle after the Yankee Yippers (Pilot Bulldog in Simple Mode) are beaten, or if their health is knocked low enough (21% or less) that all four of their jetpacks are emitting grey smoke as the Dog Chinook flies right behind Canteen Hughes's plane, gripping the sides of the camera as it gets into position. Depending on whether the Yankee Yippers are beaten properly or all four of their health bars are between 0 and 21% their maximum health, she will behave differently during the fight itself.

Phase 3[]

Death card mugshot dogfight ph3

O'Fera's primary attacks are both the laser sequence, then the bowl sequence. The laser phase will go first, before the screen tilts 90 degree counterclockwise, which will move onto the bowl sequence.

During the laser sequence, O'Fera has the capability to shoot lasers out of the Chinook's paw pads. Occasionally, a pink laser from the bottom will appear, allowing the player(s) to parry it. In Simple Mode, she only does this attack. In Expert Mode, more lasers appear. If Sergeant O'Fera is defeated in this sequence, she will pop in the top right paw pads and wallow while wringing her cap. The Dog Chinook's teeth and its bow on top of the propeller are broken and the front propeller malfunctions. If the view is upside-down, the controls will be mapped to the orientation of the battlefield rather than the screen itself.

In the bowl sequence, she is seen inside the Chinook's mouth and attacks by unleashing dog bowls from the Chinook's eyes, and the player can shoot her directly; she does not do this in Simple Mode. Red bowls fly across the ground, while yellow bowls fly above the player(s). In Expert Mode, bowls will be unleashed more rapidly. When this sequence is finished, Sergeant O'Fera will dust off her hands and tilt the screen. If defeated during this sequence, she will whimper as the Dog Chinook leaks air at different nooks and crannies and its teeth are broken.

Hitpoints = 440/630/720

Secret Phase[]

Death card mugshot dogfight secret

If the Yankee Yippers are not defeated, O'Fera will rescue the Yippers with the Chinook, before all five are revealed from the paw pads. In this phase, she will order the Dog Chinook to fire a fire hydrant missile at the player(s) occasionally, using a club with an end that resembles a baseball to smack the paw pad as a signal. In Expert Mode, she cycle between each paw pad more often, which also make her command the firing of the fire hydrant missiles with less of an interval. O'Fera is the only one that needs to be defeated during this phase; any Yankee Yippers who were defeated will retreat to regenerate their health.

After the quintet are defeated, she will have the same animation from the laser sequence, although she will stay in whatever hole she emerged from rather than shifting to the upper right. Hitpoints = 680/777



Inspirations and similarities[]

  • Sergeant O'Fera's forelock, fluffy ears and red garrison cap was inspired by Cammy from Street Fighter. Her death screen poses are also inspired by Cammy putting one hand on her hip while looking back and giving a thumbs up.
  • Sergeant O'Fera may represent a combination of two of Pluto's most famous female companions in his shorts: Fifi (a Pekinese, shown with her fluffy ears and tail) and Dinah (a Dachshund, shown with her long muzzle and body).
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