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"Kindly turn that down. I hate music!"
Screwdriver Clerk

The Screwdriver Clerk is a minor character from The Cuphead Show! who was first seen in the episode In Charm's Way and works at a glasses shop.



The Screwdriver Clerk resembles an anthropomorphic screwdriver with a face at the top and arms around 50% of the way down from her tip to the top of her handle which is maroon in colour. Her outfit consists of a pale yellow blouse with short, puffy sleeves, and on her hands are white gloves.


While she at first appeared shocked when Ms. Chalice barged into the store tap-dancing, the Screwdriver Clerk is nonetheless impressed.


"In Charm's Way"[]

Cuphead and Mugman were going to the store to find some glasses for the Elder Kettle, whereupon they enter a glasses shop that she is working at. Just as they are going to talk to the clerk for some glasses, Ms. Chalice barges in and starts tap-dancing theme moment she appears, beguiling the clerk and causing her to give the glasses to Ms. Chalice for free. As the boys stare in shock, the clerk continues dancing, unaware that the store that she was working at had just been robbed.

"Charmed & Dangerous"[]

The Screwdriver Clerk appears in this episode as a minor antagonist, leading the angry mob to get revenge on Ms. Chalice, who has scammed them all. In the end, as they proceed to gang up on Cuphead and Mugman, in which they lose Ms. Chalice, that when Chalice scared them off, saving the brothers from the wrath of their hands.