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Say Cheese! is the eleventh episode of season 2 of The Cuphead Show! and is the twenty-third overall. In the episode, Elder Kettle wants to get a family portrait of him, Cuphead, and Mugman, but they are too busy fighting with each other.


Elder Kettle wants to snap a family portrait of him and his boys -- and, boy, does he get it. Just not in the picture-perfect setting he was expecting.


Elder Kettle is ready to take a family portrait of him and his boys, but they are upset at this. The two then get into an argument about going to the amusement park (Cuphead) or the movies (Mugman). Elder Kettle loses his temper briefly, but calms down. Eventually, Cuphead and Mugman get into a fight cloud, forcing Elder Kettle to stop them. He then makes them promise that they will stop fighting before cleaning them and getting them in there photo outfits. However, they get into another fight cloud. Elder Kettle then tells them if they can behave, then he will take them both to the amusement park and the movies.

However, due to Cuphead and Mugman's fighting, the family misses the actual sunset, forcing them to use a billboard as a replacement. As Elder Kettle starts the camera, the boys slowly get impatient before finally snapping and attacking each other. Elder Kettle tells them to stop, but they ignore him and bump into the billboard, causing the wallpaper to go down and reveal a new wallpaper saying "Lil' Elder Kettle is... Diaper Baby". This causes Cuphead and Mugman to lose interest in beating each other to laughing at the wallpaper.

Elder Kettle then burns the billboard down with a flamethrower to prevent any further humiliation, exclaiming "You saw nothing!". An upset Elder Kettle and a stunned Cuphead and Mugman then drive home and the Mugman asks Elder Kettle if he is ready to talk about Diaper Baby. Elder Kettle obliges and explains that his mother entered him into a Cutest Baby Contest, in which he won, but he was bullied in school for it as he became known under the identity of Diaper Baby. He then vowed to burn all Diaper Baby billboards down, creeping Cuphead and Mugman out.

Upon arriving home, a tearful Elder Kettle enters the cottage and sulks to the stairs, but an angry Cuphead and Mugman confront him for not taking them to their destinated locations as they came through their ends. Elder Kettle exclaims that they did not because what he remembered was that while he took the picture, Cuphead and Mugman could not resist fighting and ruined the picture. He then sulks upstairs crying. Cuphead and Mugman, not showing remorse or care for hurting Elder Kettle, decide to cheer themselves up by laughing at Diaper Baby. Cuphead claims that the camera flashed right when the dust clears, and Mugman exclaims that they can print off the photo and laugh at Diaper Baby forever.

Elder Kettle overhears this upstairs and tries to stop them, but gets stuck on the fan and thrown onto the ground. He then begins crawling on his backside and chases Cuphead and Mugman into the kitchen. As they shiver, Elder Kettle pounces on them from above. Cuphead crashes into the fridge and Elder Kettle crashes into a drawer. They then see Mugman holding the camera with ill intentions on doing something with it. Cuphead tries to take it, but Mugman refuses to give it to him. Elder Kettle then shoves Cuphead into a drawer and tries to lecture Mugman into giving him the camera. While Elder Kettle is distracted, Cuphead pulls Mugman aside. The two realize that the camera could be useful to their desires and confront Elder Kettle. Mugman tells Elder Kettle that it is time for him to do good on his promises. Realizing that they are trying to blackmail him, Elder Kettle pounces on the boys and the camera. The family begin to fight over it, but end up breaking it, causing the photos to burn down.

Cuphead and Mugman begin wailing, seeing as they will never go to the amusement park or movies, getting into another argument. A furious Elder Kettle tries to kill the boys with a fire poker and chases them across the forest and the city. Eventually, Chief Bea and her partner notice them squabbling and recognizes Cuphead and Mugman as the cookie convicts from the cookie factory caper and Elder Kettle as the Diaper Baby billboard burner. The police then chase after the trio and eventually catches and arrests them.

In prison, Elder Kettle is left in joy, to Cuphead and Mugman's confusion as they destroyed his camera and they are all dirty and scuffed. But Elder Kettle exclaims that he is finally getting his family portrait via the mugshots. The three then take their mugshots as a family.

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  • This episode marks the second time Cuphead and Mugman are arrested, the first time being in "In Charm's Way".
  • The title is a reference of Say Cheese when taking a picture.
  • When Elder Kettle is thrown off the fan, he does the familiar pose Peter Griffin makes when he falls down the stairs from Family Guy.
  • Given how Elder Kettle, Cuphead, and Mugman were back at the cottage in the next episode, it's possible they were either bailed out of jail, served their time, escaped, or did something to get things sorted out as they were released.
  • On Netflix, this episode is incorrectly titled "Say Cheese".
  • This episode is the only one to carry on a running gag from an earlier episode, Another Brother, in which Elder Kettle, attempting to let Mugman give him the camera, says "Kettle, Mugman! Mugman, Kettle...".
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