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"I chew 'em up and spit 'em out."
Sargent Gumbo Gumbull, Death Screen

Sargent Gumbo Gumbull is a minor boss fought in the Sugarland Shimmy level of Inkwell Isle Two, and one of the several subjects summoned by the level's primary boss Baroness Von Bon Bon.



Sargent Gumbo is a devious-looking anthropomorphic gumball machine sported scampering red legs with brown shoes. He has a red nose, a glass head, green eyebrows, a green body with a blue switcher, and a blue cap that resembles a hat.


Sargent is implied to be a little snooty in his message for the death screen, which involves him claiming to "chew [them] up and spit [them] out." (What Sargent is referring to in his death message is most likely Cuphead's party.)



Gumbull will be selected randomly by Baroness Von Bon Bon for the first phase of the boss battle. Upon summoned, he runs around the arena and shoots gumballs up in the air. Afterwards, they rain down on the players. The gumballs vary in their colour, but this is just an aesthetic property. In Simple mode, Sargent Gumbo Gumbull scrambles across the entire arena but won't fire gumballs out of his cap. In Expert mode, the gumballs rain down faster.

When defeated, his head will shatter apart and his body will scramble away to the left of the stage. The gumballs that are released from him during this explosion will not damage players; only the gumballs that are used for his gumball attack will. Hitpoints = 270/270/320



  • Like the rest of Baroness Von Bon Bon's subjects, Sargent Gumbull's name is not canon but rather a pet name given by the animator Tina Nawrocki in her Twitter post when asked by a fan.
  • Sargent is the first enemy character who can get beheaded, as his head explodes upon defeat.
    • Baroness Von Bon Bon beheads herself when she does her normal attack.
    • Cala Maria detaches from her body (which turns to stone and breaks) to begin her third phase (provided the player is playing on Regular or Expert difficulty; she will instead get completely petrified when you beat her on Simple difficulty).
    • King Dice is beheaded by his shoulders' momentum pushing his head (which comes back down) off his body in his intro.
    • The bosses faced in The King's Leap get beheaded at some point in their battle except the Knight. (The Knight instead has his helmet pop off upon defeat.)
      • The Pawns, Rook, and Queen get their heads knocked off upon defeat.
      • The Bishop separates his head from his body at the beginning of his battle and sends it and two other copies of it (which share health and serve as his weak point) at Cuphead's party.
    • While they are protagonists, Cuphead and Mugman celebrate getting their Super Art weapons by lifting their own heads off their bodies.
  • If Sargent Gumbo Gumbull is facing to the right when defeated, he will scramble to the end of the screen, then turn back to the left and retreat.
  • His face is slightly transparent.

Inspirations and similarities[]

  • Sargent Gumbo Gumbull vaguely resembles the character Benson Dunwoody from the Cartoon Network series Regular Show, except that he is taller, lacks arms, and has a different color scheme (Benson has a red colour scheme for his body and cap and his gumballs are all pink.).
  • Sargent Gumbo Gumbull also resembles the gumball machine that Miss Chalice tickles when she is on her charming spree in The Cuphead Show! (more specifically in In Charm's Way) , but his body is green and his cap is blue while the latter's are both red, and it also lacks legs (instead seemingly hopping on its base) while Sargent Gumbo himself has legs. Additionally, its face is hidden until Miss Chalice tickles its side, while Sargent Gumbo Gumbull has his face visible all the time (except when his head explodes).
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