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Santa Claus is a minor character in The Cuphead Show!, only appearing in "A Very Devil Christmas".


Santa Claus is traditionally depicted as a festively overweight old man with a beard, who wears a red suit with white trim and a matching cap, black boots, and a black belt.


Santa Claus is a kind, jolly, old man who always offers nice gifts to the children to what they really want for Christmas as long as they follow the nice list, he is always very happy to greet his elves while they wrap up gifts for the children on the nice list, however, somehow when The Devil arrived at the north pole, he can get pretty angry sometimes, as he can add descriptions of bad things Naughty list people do, and write them up on the Naughty List, however despite this, if someone naughty like The Devil, does what he says, he can be jolly again, however he can change his minds of gifts of what people want, however this may upset them sometimes, including The Devil. He can even be nice at his other elf, the Stickler elf, which allows him to do his job easier, and his job of giving gifts during the end of the year is his life, Santa also sometimes prefers rituals on someone naughty, to transform them into himself, but while someone, like the devil is transformed into him, he likely disappears. But returns, when the naughty person delivers the presents.


  • The design of Santa, his workshop and his elves are reminiscent of Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies Santa's Workshop and The Night Before Christmas.
  • Both Santa and the Devil refer to their employees by their numbers instead of individual names, likely due to the sheer number of them.
  • Santa is pretty much the polar opposite of the Devil. He's a fat, jolly man who lives in the snowy outdoors with a loyal workforce of happy elves, and brings joy to everyone on the Inkwell Isles. The Devil, on the other hand, is a skinny, angry demon who lives in the fiery underworld with a disloyal legion of abused demons, and he brings misery to everyone on the Inkwell Isles just to amuse himself.
    • Santa, ironically, shares a lot of similarities with the Devil despite being on the other side of the morality spectrum. He has a workforce of elves that he only refers by their number rather than names, including an elf that looks and acts like Stickler. The key difference is that Santa actually cares and respects his elves, unlike the Devil who abuses his demon minions (with the exception of Henchman).
  • Ironically, despite Santa being framed as the Devil's good counterpart, Santa's ritual for making a deal is depicted as far more satanic than any of the deals the Devil has ever cut.
  • While Santa Claus was never seen in the actual game, he is a likely character who was designed to have a different style in motion, and in addition he is the only Christmas character that has been seen in the show, however he never appeared in the game.
  • He is the only character to have five fingers instead of four, with Captain Brineybeard.