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Sammy Sandwich is a minor character in The Cuphead Show! He is a character original to the show. While he makes numerous appearances throughout the series, commonly featured as a background character, he has his first major role in "A Very Devil Christmas". He is voiced by Dave Wasson.


Sammy Sandwich is, as his name suggests, a young anthropomorphic sandwich. He wears greyish violet shoes, off-white gloves, and a blueish green tall hat (slightly similar to Goofy's iconic hat). He also appears to have a gap tooth. He's briefly seen wearing a striped orange scarf.


Very little is shown about Sammy Sandwich's personality, but his whining and going off his list on what he wants for Christmas prompts the Devil to excitedly call him "a greedy little brat". He is also implied to be rather mischievous, as it is mentioned that he (permanently) glued his sister's face to the floor, something that furthers the Devil's excitement. When Sammy's mother reminds him about Santa's naughty list, the Devil is confused and goes up to Sammy and questions him about the naughty list, to which the latter answers him about how if he's on the list, he won't get any presents. Despite this, he mentions that he tries to be good all year long, though primarily to get a spaceship rather than genuine intent to be good.



  • Despite Sammy's minor role in the episode, he has a massive influence on the Devil's quest to get on the Nice List as it is from him that the Devil learns about it to begin with.
  • Surprisingly, he is pretty calm when the Devil himself approaches and talks to him.