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for the in-game character, see Sally Stageplay

"Bravo, bravo! Wonderful job, boys."
Sally thanking the boys for their help, Dead Broke

Sally Stageplay is a minor character in The Cuphead Show! She made an appearance as a cameo in the episode, "Dead Broke”, as a supporting character in “Cupstaged”, and More Cameos in “Down & Out” and “A Very Devil Christmas”.


In The Cuphead Show!, Sally remains the same, expect with a few changes.

Sally is a skinny, fair-skinned, tall woman. Sally has curly/fluffy light blonde hair, which is divided in three sections and she has bangs; decorating her hair, she has a turquoise hairband with a ribbon in the middle. She now wears makeup, such as light red lipstick and pale rose eyeshadow.

In "Dead Broke", she wears a white short-sleeved coat with a blue button under her chest over a light blue top, a pair of white gloves that have three black stripes in the middle, high-waisted wide sea-blue pants with a black band, and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes with small heels. She also has a pale blue bag with gold details. Inside her bag, she has her wallet; which is pale blue with gold details too.


Sally is very passionate about her theater, enthusiastic about acting and has a dramatic, larger-than-life personality. She is also shown to be kind and grateful to the kindness shown to her.

Sally often behaves overly dramatic, even in situations that don't call for it. In "Cupstaged", she introduces herself to prospective actors by pretending to have rabies by hyping up her own talents. She tolerates no mistakes from an actor during their audition and when nobody can live up to her standards, she's all too happy to play all the roles in her play herself.


Season Two[]

"Dead Broke"[]

In the episode, she is the first person that Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice decide to scare. After the boys come to help Sally with her ghost problem, she congratulates them and gives them 25 cents.

Season Three[]


In the episode, Sally Stageplay enters the theater pretending to have rabies to demonstrate what acting is. She attempts a casting for a play called "Cup Rogers vs. the Meteor", but the sabotage between the three people that tried for the role: Cuphead, Mugman and The Devil drives her to perform the play all by herself, with the three rejects as stagehands.

"A Very Devil Christmas"[]

In the episode, she is seen in the beginning skating around, and holding hands with other civilians before the The Devil cracks the ice the group was standing on.

"Down & Out"[]

While King Dice was singing his song, Bowlboy and other characters ran over to the club to see his comeback.


Mr. Stageplay[]

By all visible accounts, Sally's marriage is stable and happy. She and her husband are shown partaking in romantic activities like iceskating on Christmas and having a picnic together, as shown in "A Very Devil Christmas" and "Down and Out" respectively.



  • In the show, she is seen in a different outfit as opposed to the ones from her boss fight.
  • In the Polish dub, her name is Salomea Spektakl, however in the translation of the game, her name is (Aktoreczka) Sally