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Root Packed is the seventh episode from The Cuphead Show!


Cuphead and Mugman have to defend Elder Kettle's precious vegetable garden after a rotten gang turns their yard into a party.


The episode starts off with Elder Kettle singing a song about how much he loves taking care of his garden so his "babies" grow big and strong. Unfortunately, Elder Kettle breaks his back after finishing his song and has to be in his room to get some rest. Cuphead and Mugman ensure that they will take care of Elder Kettle's "babies" so they can do whatever they want. Kettle catches up to the boy's tricks however, saying that they are being "awfully helpful" lately, but before Elder Kettle finishes saying he has got an eye on the boys, he quickly falls asleep. Cuphead initially wants to just do whatever he wants, but Mugman convinces him to watch over the plants. As they are watching them however, they hear some noises coming from the shed, when they saw Sal, Ollie and Chauncey feasting on their soil supply. Upon being discovered, they explain that they are orphans and they'll can take care of Elder Kettle's babies while the boys went out. However, this was merely a ruse so they could use their yard for their garden party.

Mugman first tries to get everyone's attention, but due to his shyness on stage, Cuphead takes over and tells everyone to leave. However, nobody listens. When the Cuphead and Mugman notice a pair of carrots absorbing moisture from Elder Kettle's garden and realize it is bringing immense harm to it, they try various methods to make the vegetables leave. Their first attempt by posing as scarecrows, but it fails to have the intended effect as it causes them to be attacked by crows. Cuphead's subsequent attempt to get the police to break up the party also fails because the bouncer tells the cops they were not on the list. When Sal taunts the boys over this and tells them the party would not be over until sunrise, Cuphead tries to turn Sal's words against him by lassoing the moon and forcing the morning to come sooner, but even that fails.

The two brothers then come up with a sob story which makes an intoxicated Ollie Bulb burst into tears, causing his skin to peel and emit a potent stench that effectively drives the party out of the yard in tears. At first, Cuphead and Mugman's plan worked, but in retaliation to the party being crashed, all 3 of the rotten vegetables come together to sap the remaining moister from Elder Kettle's plants, causing them to dry up and die. Elder Kettle comes out to find The Root Pack larger than ever from the overabundance of water and miraculously mistakes them for his own plants. At first, the Root Pack was pleased with the misconception, presumably planning to use this as a form of manipulation, but Elder Kettle then takes out a larger pot to make his famous stew out of them, which leads to the veggie gang fleeing the scene for good.

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  • "Botanic Panic!", the song from the original Cuphead video game, is played by an orchestra at a garden party at the Elder Kettle's house, with Chauncey himself as the conductor.
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