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The studio of Roll the Dice is where the gameshow of the same name used to take place, as well as the former home of King Dice. After the Devil fired King Dice, he made Henchman the new host of the show as punishment for the latter's failure to capture Cuphead's soul. As shown in "Down & Out", the show was eventually canceled, leaving the former studio rundown and abandoned.


The studio is located in Inkwell Isles City and is seemingly being part of a skyscraper. The building itself is mostly brownish orange and golden yellow in colour and has four arched windows, all having a different design in each row. The steps leading up to the entrance door widen as they approach the sidewalk and vice versa towards the entrance, and are draped in a long red carpet. The double entrance doors are white with dark red outline and golden handles. Above the doors is a large, led sign with golden and white outlines, and an architecture design resembling a pair of dice. The sign reads in large capitals "Roll the Dice: Starring King Dice". The building seems to be numerous stories tall. There is an an alley just outside the studio with a sign with a picture of King Dice that smugly says "Thanks for Playing!".

Following the show's cancellation, the building is left dilapidated. As a result, the front door and all the windows are smashed open and boarded up, the sign of the studio has fallen apart, the red carpet appears soggy and partly destroyed, and there is nothing more in the entrance than two trash cans and pieces of rubbish scattered around the area. Even the sign in the alleyway outside the building is rundown.

Ground floor[]

King dice song
  • Stage: Located right behind the front door, this is where the rounds of the gameshow are held. The room consists of a large stage with two sets of curtains, white and light blue respectively, turquoise boards on the floor, and numerous rows of chairs at the front. The stage also has an area in which the band of King Dice's cards perform the music for the show. The room is generally filled with dice symbols, from the stage to the seats of the audience. Behind the blue curtains is the door that leads to the "mystery prize room". The pink door has a large question mark painted on it and rests on a wall decorated with a giant woodcut picture of King Dice pointing at said door surrounded by poker chips and more question mark-shaped led signs. Located on the left and right side of the stage, are two loge seats. The base of the stage's structure has a solar symbol, all of which are commonly associated with the Devil in the series.
  • "Mystery Prize Room": Where the winners of the show are sent. The room, itself, is mostly empty except for a menacing furnace, which sucks the contestants' souls straight into Inkwell Hell. A trap door drops their greyed out bodies into the aforementioned alley.
  • Dressing Room: A blue door decorated with a golden star leads to the dressing room where King Dice gets prepared between the breaks with the help of his assistants. The room's features consist of a typical backstage room with a big illuminated mirror and a few pieces of furniture, namely a small table with a flower vase. Both in and outside the room are several awards and pictures that show King Dice singing on stage.

Second floor[]

  • King Dice's Apartment: While never seen in the series, it is likely that the studio also serves as Dice's home on the second floor. During the flashback scene in "Down and Out", he is seen greeting a crowd of adoring fans from a small balcony, which could possibly be part of his room.



  • Wayne Brady, King Dice's voice actor, is a game show host in real life. One of his most notable jobs as a host is in Let's Make a Deal, a show that, funnily enough, does use a pair of dice for some of its games.
  • It likely serves as the show's equivalent of the Die House.