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Roll the Dice is a (rigged) radio gameshow hosted by King Dice and later Henchman. It primarily debuts in the episode of the same name, before eventually getting canceled after King Dice got fired, as shown in "Down & Out".


In the game, contestants have to get through three rounds in order to enter into the "mystery prize room":

  • "Name The Tune": In the first round of the game, contestants need to guess correctly whatever song the band plays, in order to move on to the next round. Notably, given the fact that the cartoon takes inspiration from the Prohibition years, the songs performed are pieces that were popular during that period of time, such as "Little Brown Jug", a song written in 1869 by Joseph Eastburn Winner, and "The Daring Young Man on a Flying Trapeze", a song published in 1867 by George Leybourne.
  • The Trivia Quest: In the second round of the game, contestants test their general knowledge on various topics. Presumably to make the game easier (and thus certainly impossible to lose), questions asked are ridiculously easy to answer.
  • "Roll The Dice!": The third and final round. The only rule in the titular final round is to roll any number in order to enter the mystery prize room, making this literally impossible to lose. By logic, any number can either match whatever prize is behind the door or contain absolutely nothing. None of the contestants are aware of the mystery until they walk in, as by then, it's already too late and they lose their souls no matter what number they rolled. Cuphead didn't win because he rolled so hard, he broke the dice and, thus, broke the game.



  • Wayne Brady, King Dice's voice actor, is a game show host in real life. One of his most notable jobs as a host is in Let's Make a Deal, a show that, funnily enough, does use a pair of dice for some of its games.