Cuphead Wiki

Cuphead: Let me get this straight. You expect me to believe that you "sleep-ate" an entire container of ice cream without waking up?

Mugman:You expect me to believe you did.

Cuphead: And just who sleep-eats with a spoon?

Mugman:People with manners.

Cuphead: You're nothing but a common thief!

Mugman: You're the thief!

Cuphead: No, you are!

[They both fight.]

Kettle: Enough! You boys are family. No use getting bent out of shape about little stuff. Just let it be water under the bridge. Now, here's five bucks. And some pocket lint. Go do something fun together. You two are brothers.

Cuphead: Why does he always get the five bucks?!

Mugman: And why does he always get the pocket lint?

Cuphead: No, you do!

Kettle: Out!

Cuphead: I say we just take the money and buy some more ice cream.

Mugman: Look, if we invest it, we could have as much ice cream as we want when we're older.

Cuphead: But I want ice cream now!

Mugman: You don't have to be such a...

Ribby: Head right up, folks. We cast off in a few minutes. Get on the boat. Hey, hey! Looks like we got a couple of VIPs on our hands. Youse two want the premium treatment, don't yas? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Cuphead: What's with those gloves?

Ribby: Ho-oh, we used to be pro boxers.

Croaks: Champions!

Ribby: But, our dear old ma, she hated when we pounded each other. So we opened this club! We're respectable types now.

Croaks: Anybody says different, I'll pound 'em!

Ribby: Ha-ha! Croaks is just kidding! Check this out! Want an evening you'll never forget? We got first-class entertainments, ballroom dancing, and fine dining.

Cuphead: Mugsy, look! "Free ice cream with entry."

Both: Ice cream!

Croaks: Not so fast!

Ribby: Cover charge is 20 bucks.

Cuphead: We don't have that much.

Ribby: Hmm... Well, how much you got?

Cuphead: Five bucks and some pocket lint.

Ribby: You know what $5 gets you?

Both: Ice cream?

Croaks: A kick in the pants!

Ribby: Did you see how far I kicked that little punk?

Croaks: You saying you better than me?

Ribby: So what if I am?

Ribby: Oh! Hello, Mr. Mayor., Mrs. Mr. Mayor. We're respectable types.

Croaks: Say any different and I'll pound you!

Ribby: Oh! This guy! Always with the jokes! Please, step right inside.

Mugman: This is an outrage! They stole our five bucks. They kicked us in the river!

Cuphead: The lint! Ice cream. I smell ice cream! Ooh... It's right under that vent. Look! We're shoving off!

Mugman: Let's go!

Ribby: Oh, hey! How youse doing, huh? Looking good. Watch out for this guy. Here comes trouble.

Mugman: You sure this is right?

Cuphead: Shh, quiet! Someone might hear!

Ribby: Hey! How'd you bozos get in? Just kidding...

Both: Phew!

Ribby: You fine folks are paying customers. You ain't bozos.

Croaks: Except for this clown.

Ribby: But seriously, folks, we'd like to start the night off with a song.

Ribby: Since we was tiny tadpoles, There's only been one gal. She washed our clothes and fed us,

Ribby and Croaks: And boosted our morale.

Croaks: We owe her everything we gots. Everything we ever had.

Ribby: And she never did run out on us,

Ribby and Croaks: Not like our crummy dad-ah!

Ribby: Two, three, four!

Ribby and Croaks: Mudda. We love you, mudda. In this garlic bread called life, she was the butter!

Croaks: She told us boys, don't fight!

Ribby: She taught us wrong, from right.

Ribby and Croaks: Her heart, it was pure go-old! She was our mudda!

Mugman: You're stepping on my fingers!

Cuphead: Hey! Watch it!

Ribby: We miss youse, Ma! Hey-o! Who's up there?

Croaks: Come here, firefly!

Cuphead and Mugman: Ow!, Hot, hot, hot!

Ribby: Ma's on fire!

Croaks: You saying it's my fault?

Ribby: So what if I am? All part of the show, folks. Hey, you. Put out Ma. Make with the music.

Dorris: Sherman!

Sherman: Dorris? What are you doin' here?

Dorris: You stood me up again! You're always woikin'!

Sherman: Aw, sweetheart, I'm sorry.

Dorris: No more excuses! You missed my parents' "anniversiary." You missed our "anniversiary!"

Sherman: Anniversary! It's "anniversary"!

Dorris: That's what I said.

Sherman: No. You said "anniversiary." And you said it twice. It's the only reason I brought it up.

Dorris: Oh! Here he goes again. Correctin' me! This is why I don't tell you things. Like how your meat's escapin'.

Cuphead: Hey! It's right there. Now's our chance to grab it and get outta here!

Ribby: Hey! Youse two bums didn't pay!

Mugman: And you stole our five bucks!

Ribby: Come here!!

[They run away]

Ribby: Get back here, you little creeps! Hello, Mr. Mayor. Push in your chair? How about a picture? Cheese!

Mugman: Cuphead! Cuphead! Cuphead!

Ribby: Get back here!

Croaks: Watch it! Come here, you.

Ribby: Ma! All part of the show, folks. All part of the show!

Cuphead: The ice cream! Let's grab it and get outta here!

Mugman: Wait. I need to say something. I'm sorry, Cuphead.

Cuphead: For sleep-eating my ice cream?

Mugman: I didn't sleep-eat it. I awake-ate it! I'm the worst brother ever!

Cuphead: Hey! No, you're not. 'Cause I awake-ate your ice cream too.

Mugman: You did?

Cuphead and Mugman: Aww!

Ribby: It's so beautiful how youse two forgive each other like that. Oh!

Croaks: We should try to be more like that. I'm sorry we's always fighting.

Ribby: Me too. Youse two are family now. And with family, anything in the past is water under the...

Ribby: Our club! It's ruined!

Croaks: You saying it's my fault?

Ribby: So what if I am? Oh! Hello, Mr. Mayor., Mrs. Mr. Mayor. I trust you had a wonderful evening.