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Ribby and Croaks is the third episode of The Cuphead Show!. Most footage and even the entire episode has been leaked online before its air date.


Cuphead and Mugman are sitting by a table with Elder Kettle, with the two brothers facing to the wall. Cuphead gets mad at Mugman for sleep-eating his entire container of ice cream without waking up', Mugman responds with, Well you expect me to believe you did?', then Cuphead brings up the topic of him sleep-eating his ice cream with a spoon.

Mugman pushes him away and Cuphead does the same, so they continue to push each other over and over with saying 'No you!' each time they give each other a push. Elder Kettle now gets frustrated while he is reading the newspapers, then grabs them and tells them to stop and tells them how they are family and brothers, then gives them some pocket lint and 5 bucks. Cuphead goes on to complain on why Mugman gets the 5 bucks and Mugman complains why Cuphead gets the pocket lint, they then re-continue to push each other with, again, telling each other 'No you!'. Elder Kettle gets steamed and screams Get OUT of my HOUSE!.

The screen cuts to the two walking down a little path, talking about buying ice cream while Mugman telling,'Look, if we invest it, we can have as much ice cream as we want when we're older.' Cuphead being the usual boy he is, telling Mugman that he wants ice cream now, when Mugman was about to say 'Well you don't have to be such a jerk about it...' they hear a horn from the's a ship! As they approach it, they see Ribby and Croaks standing beside the entrance of the ship, when they see Cuphead and Mugman, they start to make jokes about them being VIPs, when Cuphead notices their boxing gloves, he starts to ask what is with them? Ribby and croaks explain they used to be pro boxers, and their mom hated it when they pounded each other, so they opened this club, Croaks starts offering them First Class Entertainment, Ballroom Dancing, Fine Food, then Cup notices on the board on what they offer, he sees free ice-cream with entry, then proceeds to pull Mugman's head and lift it over to the text that offers them free ice-cream with entry, they then get really excited and try to enter in as fast as they can, then get stopped by Ribby and Croaks, they need to charge 20 bucks, but Mugs responds with We don't have that much. Croaks starts to ask how much they have, they pull out the pocket lint and 5 bucks, Croaks responds with,'Ya know what 5 bucks gets ya tho?' Cup and Mugs get really excited and think that they're getting ice cream, Ribby and croaks then responds with 'A kick in the pants!' then they kick them away and then Cup and Mugs land on the ship, then Mugs gets mad about how they stole their 5 bucks, then Cup sees the lint going down in the river and Cup and Mugs just look at it going down while sad music plays.

Then Cup smells ice cream, they both then go to the window and see the dining room (just like in the Ribby and Croaks boss battle background) in the back they see the ice cream, they then see a vent that leads down to the table full of ice cream, they then see another vent that leads to the vent to the table, they then run to the vent, open it while the ship leaves the docks, they get in the vent while Ribby and croaks are singing a song about their mom, while they are in the vent's Cup steps on Mugs fingers and they get into a small fight that makes ribby and croaks notice it, then fire at that part of the vent with a fire-fly, they then seem to run away and drop into a Butchers shop of some sort, they apparently get frozen and then get pulled out and their straws get hanged on a hook, then the Butchers' wife comes in and complains on why the Butcher didn't come to any of her anniversaries etc, then the wife jokes about 'the meat escaped' while it was actually Cup and Mugs that escaped from the hook, they then see the table full of ice cream, but then they get caught by Ribby and Croaks and then say 'You didn't pay!' and Mugs responds with 'And you stole our 5 bucks!' then they proceed to be in a chase with Ribby and croaks, while they were in the chase Ribby and croaks both damaged the ship while they were chasing the 2 brothers, then when the 2 brothers get their hands on the ice cream, Mugs wanted to apologize for awake eating Cup's ice cream, and Cup admits too that he awake ate Mugs' ice cream, they then hug each other and when Ribby and croaks were about to crush the 2 brothers, they realized how they apologized to each other, they then apologized to each other too for pounding each other etc etc, then the ship finally sank, the main 4 in this episode get out of the wreck then Ribby and Croaks fight again over the ship sinking and the screen cuts to Cup and Mugs officially getting their ice cream and the episode ends.

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