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For the in-game characters, see Ribby and Croaks.

"You sayin' it's my fault?!"
"So what if I am?!"

Ribby and Croaks about to get into a fight, Ribby and Croaks

Ribby and Croaks are supporting and recurring characters in The Cuphead Show!. They were originally boxing champions, but their mother disapproved of it, since she hate to see her sons boxing each other. Because of this, Ribby and Croaks were forced to change their ways, eventually opening and running the Fly Trap club.


Most of the designs on these two stay the same with some differences. Instead of the two wearing leggings, they instead wear a green and dark blue suit respectively, along with a black tie, light blue and purple undershirt, and a pair of sandals. Ribby is shorter, with a greener skin tone and dark green suit with an orange flower, and Croaks is taller, wearing a dark blue suit with a yellow flower and a brown-ish skin tone. They both also speak in New York accents.


Although Ribby and Croaks act kind and caring towards their guests, and while not outright vilified, they are both quite violent, threatening, and mean, shown when they kick Cuphead and Mugman into the lake after taking their five dollars, saying it wasn't enough to enter their club. Their rudeness also extends even to their own riverboat employees, notably with Croaks using a firefly waiter as an improvised flamethrower against Cuphead and Mugman.

It only takes a perceived insult for these two short-tempered frogs to start pounding themselves or others, though Ribby seems to have slightly better control over his anger, albeit for the sake of their business, while Croaks is aching for a chance to start wailing on someone. They are also pretty wrathful, being so quick to violence that they will start fighting each other at the drop of a hat, ruining their "respectable" image in the eyes of the public. They also get so invested in trying to beat the snot out of Cuphead and Mugman that they don't realise they're punching holes in their own boat.

Compared to Ribby, Croaks is much more quick to engage in violence, declaring his intent to pound customers if they claim he and his brother aren't "respectable types," and being the one to engage conflict with Ribby. While Ribby, at least, tries to keep up appearances, he will still start throwing fists when mad.

Even so, some parts of their kind and caring personalities are actually genuine, as it's shown that, like any sibling, they always find their way to the true meaning of family and sincerely love each other as brothers despite their constant fighting. They also hold immense love and respect for their (implied deceased) mother, remembering her fondly and honouring her memory.


"Ribby and Croaks"[]

The two serve as the main antagonists of this titular episode, in charge of running a club, known as the Fly Trap. When Cuphead and Mugman arrive at the club, they spot that the Club will grant free ice cream per entry. However, due to them only having five bucks, and thus underpaying the twenty dollar fee to enter, Ribby and Croaks kick the duo into the water, along with taking their five dollar bill, efficiently ripping the two off of their money. The two are then later seen in the Fly Trap, making jokes, while the cup duo attempt to sneak through the vents. The two then start the night off by singing a song about their mother, before noticing the Cuphead and Mugman through the vents, due to the two brothers fighting. In response, Croaks grabs one of the firefly waiters and uses him like a flamethrower, on the vents, causing the cup duo to escape into the freezer. This ultimately causes the vent to come off and burn their mother's picture, causing the two frogs to get into a fight. They then later physically confront the two cups about their underpayment, before Mugman rebels that they stole their five bucks before the two frog brothers start chasing them. In the process, Ribby and Croaks accidentally puncture several holes in the boat, causing havoc to the patrons and employees on the ship. However, the two only stop attacking the cups after Cuphead and Mugman hug and forgive each other, also causing the two to forgive each other about them fighting all the time, right before the ship sinks. After emerging from the water, they realize their club is ruined, thus causing them to break their forgiveness to each other and get into another fight.

"Another Brother"[]

Ribby and Croaks are briefly seen in the park, playing on a seesaw after Cuphead (briefly) separates from Mugman.

"Special Delivery"[]

To pay off their debt and get back their baseball, Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice have to deliver an unknown package to Ribby & Croaks. No other details are known about this episode, aside from the fact they must disguise to get their way in.


Ms. Chalice briefly possesses Ribby after he bakes some pies, & makes him throw them at Croaks. The latter than throws some pies back & they start a pie fight, which Cuphead, Mugman & Ms. Chalice laugh at.


Their mother[]

Both frogs hold their mother in high regard. While the picture that Ribby and Croaks put up doesn't suggest it, it appears that their mother was a good parent who took care of them, taught them right and wrong, and never ran out on them (unlike their father). Even after her implied passing, Ribby and Croaks still love her, dedicating a whole song and show on their riverboat to her and building a snowman identical to her.

Their father[]

They seem to hate their father for abandoning them, as they have no issue with calling him "crummy" during their song.

Cuphead and Mugman[]

Ribby and Croaks both hate Cuphead and Mugman due to the fact that they once destroyed the Fly Trap.


  • So far, aside from the Devil, they have had the most episodes out of the other bosses.
  • "Clip Joint Calamity" (the game's theme song for the frogs) plays when Ribby and Croaks fight off Cuphead and Mugman for attempting to steal the ice cream.
  • Both of them speak in a stereotypical New York accent, peppering their speech with "youse" and "gots" and calling others "punks" and "bozos".
  • In the game, they are tough fighters born in the worst environments, as implied in their quotes since their childhood. In the show, that doesn't really seem to be the case, as they were both raised quite well by their caring mother.
  • It's currently uncertain who's the oldest between them or if they're twins like Cuphead and Mugman.