Cuphead Wiki

(Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song plays like ragtime piano)

Devil: (reading a book of how to control your rage) Hmm. (he finds the book interesting and he flips to the next page, only to rip the page out, and he rips the pages, showing that he is angry)

Henchman: (enters to check up on his boss with a cup and some tea on a carton) Hi! Looking great, boss. Your fur's almost all grown back.

Devil: (growls as he rips out more pages)

Henchman: Mm. (he says he he finds that his boss isn't looking great, then he come up with a solution) Oh! Looks like someone needs his calming tea poured in his favorite cup! (twinkling his fingers)

Devil: Cup? (he says as confusingly as Henchman pours tea into the cup, the it transforms into the face of Cuphead)

Cuphead: Hey, dummy! I still have my soul. (exclaims mockingly as he makes faces laughs)

Devil: (When he gasped this enraged him, screaming and destroying the cup by blasting his pitchfork at it, especially the stuff on the carton and table and he breathes heavily. Henchman is shocked about that) That's it! (he slams his pitchfork to the ground on the tip of it as he seethes) I'm throwing everything I've got at that cup!

Henchman: Head! (he says as he peeps his head out with a finger pointing up to make a point or correction)

Devil: Thank you, Henchman. (he says calmly) Now bring me my finest demons! (he says angrilyas he points up his finger)

(Meanwhile in Cuphead's house)

Cuphead: (whistling melodically)

Mugman: (hiding in the closet preparing to scare his brother)

Cuphead: Huh?

Mugman: Ha! (he says after jumping out of the closet)

Cuphead: Uh...

Mugman: Neigh.

Cuphead: What... What are you wearing? (he asks confusingly)

Mugman: I made it. (he says as he takes it off) It's just like that horse head that scared you when we were little.

Cuphead: What horse head?

Mugman: The one from the hay maze, remember? You froze in terror?

Cuphead: I have never frozen in terror!

Mugman: Sure you did. I remembered when I saw this flier. (flashbacking to their childhood while fairground organ playing)

Kid Mugman: This place is a widdle spooky!

Kid Cuphead: Ah, I ain't too worried about it. (he sees the neighing horse and gasps, freezing in terror)

Kid Mugman: Cuphead? (knocking on him) Cuphead! Cuphead!

(Flash-forward to their present selves)

Cuphead: Never happened. I ain't afraid of no hay maze horse head! Come on. I'll prove it to ya. I'll get my coat.

(Meanwhile in Inkwell Hell, demons hisses and roars each time their faces show)

Devil: Ooh! (he chuckles and claps excitedly) Now these are some world-class demons! Ooh! This one has razor-sharp talons. (he gasps) Oh, and this one has three heads! Ah! And oh, hey, hey. Look at the muscles on this guy. (he chuckles and sighs happily) So... I assume you're all wondering why I summoned you here today. Let me tell you about this... Cup (clenching his left fist).

Henchman: ...Head.

Devil: Thank you, Henchman. Never before, have I been subjected to such criminal disrespect, by a mortal. First, he lost at soul ball, but his dumb brother grabbed his soul and stuffed it back in, which is completely unethical after I stole it fair and square. And then they destroyed THE WHOLE CARNIVAL!!! (inhales sharply) Then he goes on roll the dice (raising his left hand behind his back), which is simply impossible to lose. And wouldn't you know it? He couldn't name "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little, Star." I mean, (Henchman backs away) Who can't name, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little, STAR?!" (he says as he destroys his finest demons and Henchman peeps his head up)

King Dice: (Scatting off-screen) Number 1 here! Fashionably late and fashionably fashionable, as per usu- (notices the ashes of the first finest demons) AAAAH! WHAT DID YOU DO?!


(Meanwhile in the Horse Maze while fairground organ playing)

Mugman: This is gonna be good. (he says excitedly as he flaps lips)

Cuphead: Uh-huh. (he says in a non-excited way)

Worker: Tickets, please.

Mugman: (slurps as they both enter the maze. While walking, they see a ghost like shirt while hanging)

Cuphead: (sarcastically) Ooh, real scary.

Mugman: (he laughs) That horse mask is gonna make you freeze in terror. Then you'll have to admit you were afraid. (he chuckles)

(Meanwhile in Inkwell Hell)

Devil: I mean who can't name Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, HMMM? And then, he had this- thi- this SWEATER! It was invisible, and and impenetrable, and DUMB! AND I COULDN'T JUST TAKE HIS SOUL OUT. AND EAT IT. (Henchman backs away) BEFORE HIS VERY (grabs King Dice behind the rock from the fire) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYES!!!!!!!!!! (he says destorying his second finest demons as Henchman and Dice peeps their heads out. Devil realizes and says) THIRD FINEST! (when he sees his third finest demons) These are my finest demons? (he says in a confused way)

Henchman: Duuuh, well, now... yeah...

Devil: (he notices his third finest demons wheezing warbling and flying aggressivley. He then looks up and says) A cyclops with an eyepatch. And how does that work exactly. (he shrugs as the cyclops makes some frightening noises then bumps into a celing rock and he realizes) Ahh, it doesn't (notices the small demon) Eww. And what's this... thing? (he says pointing at it disgustingly as the small demon makes noises) Is that all you do (the small demon burps fire, destroying the biggest demon) Mhm. Wow. You blew up the biggest one. Great job (he says sarcastically and zips his face, snapping it) I. Am. SO. ANGRY RIGHT NOW. I WANT TO OBLITERATE ALL, OF YOU. But I cannot even BEGIN to imagine the FOURTH. Finest demons...

Henchman: Uhhh, or as they're now known, the second-finest...

Devil: THANK YOU HENCHMAN! (grabs the Cuphead with a wanted under poster sign) Look! (points the Cuphead with a wanted under poster sign) He's no longer wearing the invisible sweater so-

Henchman: Which is in an undisclosed location (he says whispering as Devil looks at him disappointedly) Uhh, Thank you Henchman...

Devil: Just bring him to me, and I'll rip out his soul. (the demons don't say/do anything) Bring him back, you live. (the demons still don't say/do anything as one coughs. He frowns and suddenly says) Fail, and I destroy you! (he says angrily. This made the demons shock and they go out of the gates of Inkwell Hell as Devil says) RELEASE THE DEMONS!!! (The demons go out of the gate and search for Cuphead as the cyclops with an eyepatch gets lost)

King Dice: (he laughs off-screen) Big D, Big D. (camera shows him) It is a pleasure to watch you in action. Nobody works a room like you. (he chuckles)

Devil: Are you still here?

King Dice: You mean number one's got to do it too? ( dramatic operatic music continues panting )

(fairground organ playing and as the demons appear, people scream)

Worker: Tickets, plea-- (he sees the demons and screams and babbles)

King Dice: (he pants as he gets here) Okay. (He says as he whimpers)

Cuphead: Oh, so scary. Lame. (He says but doesn’t notice the recorded laughter playing)

King Dice: Ugh. Oh, hо! (He chuckles when he sees them) Ladies. I've been looking for you two. You know, I was just thinking. Get rid of bright boy over there, and Cuphead's all ours.

Spider Demon: (mutters as he doesn’t know which way to go) Uh... Ah...

Scorpion Demons: (they both chuckle when King Dice gave them the idea)

King Dice: (laughs)

Scorpion Demons: (they swish their tails)

Spider Demon: Huh? (And he pops)

King Dice: Ouch. You two are monsters. Oh, I sure hope you never turn on me!

Scorpion Demons: (they both chuckle as king dice says this and they swish their tails but as King Dice gets out of the way, they popped each other)

King Dice: ( catting joyousl ) Yeah!

Cuphead: Oh brother.

Turtle Demon: Roar, roar.

Cuphead: This is the worst one yet (he pushes the Turtle Demon, and stomps on him and Turtle demon is straining. While it grunts the small demon shows up. It groans and belches fire at the small demon and then it sighs squeaks)

King Dice: Burpy buddy! (He chuckles) Have I got plans for you.

Burpy: (chirping)

Cuphead: Yawn.

(eerie music playing)

Burpy: (squeaks and belches caused by King Dice, killing the one-eyed wing demon)

King Dice: Bullseye! (He laughs and scats but stops when he lost his way) Oh. Oh! Where did they go?

Turkey Demon: (warbling then clearing throat as hisses and spits acid)

Cuphead: Wow, that was kinda cool.

Mugman: Yeah, they're adding new stuff. Nice for the people who come back every year.

Turkey Demon: (gobbling)

Cuphead: (goes through the shortcut when he feels some sizzling) Ow! Hey, that's real acid. Neat!

Turkey Demon: (continues gobbling and then continues clearing throat)

Burpy: (belching as dramatic music plays)

King Dice: (blows) Looks like it's just you and me, pal.

Burpy: (chirping) Ah... Ah... (sneezes which makes him die)

King Dice Gesundheit. (chuckles) Yeah. (laughs as the camera zooms out to Inkwell Hell mirror and we see Henchman scared)

Devil: So (he says making Henchman shocked), how are they doing (he says revealing that he is wearing a bathrobe)

Henchman: Uh, not so good. (Reveals mirror) Dice is the only one left.

Devil: (he grumbles) Then I have but one final recourse. To unleash the Four Horsemen.

Henchman: (he gasps) B-but boss, they're untamed primordial beings. They fear nothing! To even lay eyes on them is enough to make anyone freeze in terror (he says as the camera zooms to him)


Henchman: Ah jeez

(dramatic operatic music plays as the 4 Horsemen’s horse neighs and the 4 Horsemen screams)

Cuphead: We're almost through the maze, and I'm still not frozen in terror! ( grunts ) ( chuckles ) ( dramatic operatic music continues )

Mugman: I don't know, Cuphead. Anything can happen. Heh! Oh, I think I know exactly what's gonna happen. (intriguing music plays as the 4 Horsemen’s horses neigh, making others gasp and freeze in terror)

Cuphead: What's gonna happen is I'm gonna turn around, (turns around) and you're gonna be holding that stupid-- (he gasps and freezes in terror and Mugman laughs)

Mugman: (in sing-song) You're frozen in terror, you're frozen in terror! (Mugman laughing as King Dice gasps and freezes while dramatic music plays) I told ya you were a little scaredy cup. (He stops because Cuphead doesn’t say anything) Hello! What? (Turns around) Is there something behind me? (The 4 Horsemen’s horses neigh whine because of the horse mask)

Cuphead: This...

Mugman: Is...

Cuphead and Mugman: The greatest hay maze of all time! (cheerful music plays while the 4 horsemen’s unexpectedly jump in the pool and one of them sighs)

Horseman Number 1: That feels better.

Horseman Number 2: (mumbles)

Horseman Number 3: Horseman Number Two is right. Our horses ran away. That means we get the rest of the day off!

Horseman 4: Oh hey! They got pumpkin pie! (all cheer) I love pumpkin pie! I love pumpkin pie!

Kid: (sees King Dice statue) Lame.

(Meanwhile next to inkwell cottage, both Cuphead and Mugman laugh)

Cuphead: Honestly, Mugsy, when we was kids, (opens fence) that horse mask did make me freeze in terror. But nothing scares me anymore.

Mugman: Not even the Devil?

Cuphead: (flaps lips) When was the last time we even saw that guy? I guess you could say I ain't too worried about it. You should give it a shot. Feels pretty good.

Mugman: “I’m not too worried about it"? Hey! That does feel pretty good! (They both enter the house)

Devil: (he sees them enter the house on the mirror, grumbles and screams) If you want something done right, I guess you have to do it yourself. (he says demonically, he slams his pitchfork, taking him to Cuphead's house and just when he was about to open the door)

Stickler: (he clears throat off-screen) Excuse me! (camera zooms out, showing Stickler)

Devil: Stickler! What are you doing here?

Stickler: I have recounted the souls 36 times and have yet to locate--

Devil: Yes, yes, yes. I didn't get the cup's soul yet, but I am literally just about to-- (he says before slamming his pitchfork)

Stickler: Furthermore, the bylaws of Subsection 7 (pulls out book), Paragraph 7 through 37 (pulls out magnifying glass), specifically signifies if you have failed to collect a soul within a 30-day period, the soul reverts to its original owner (slams book shut). And it has been precisely 31 days (he says as he points his finger up to make a point), therefore your pursuit of said soul is unauthorized.

Devil: (about to get mad but he calms down) Stickler, Stickler, Stickler. I am going to get that soul one way or another. Pity you won't be around to see it. (he says as he fires his pitchfork at Stickler but when he does, it reveals that Stickler's wearing the Invisible Impeterable Sweater) What?! You're wearing the--

Stickler: Impenetrable, invisible sweater. I, myself, am the undisclosed location.

Devil: Take it off this instant (slams pitchfork) so I can obliterate you (he says as he stomps his feet many times)!

Stickler: I do not believe that would be in my best interest.

Devil: I WILL EAT YOUR SOOOOOOOOOOOOUL! (he says as he is breathing heavily)

Stickler: Not possible because of this impenetrable--

Devil: SWEATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!! (he screams and stops) Oh, forget it. (he enters the elevator and so does Stickler and elevator bell dings and goes back to Inkwell Hell)

Cuphead: (opens door) Hello? Eh (closes door).

(Meanwhile in the elevator)

Stickler: (pointing his finger upwards) On the bright side, at least this day can't get any worse. (the elevator stops and the motor powers down as Stickler sighs)

Devil: (clicking on the button rapidly) No! No, no, no, no, no! (he groans) It's stuck. (he whines)

Stickler: Looks like we'll be here for some time. ♪ 999 million souls in the vault ♪ ♪ 999 million souls ♪ ♪ Take one out, do a recount ♪ ♪ 998,999,999 souls in the vault ♪ ♪ 998 million-- ♪ (discordant notes play)