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Recipe for Ms. Chalice is a tutorial level located on Inkwell Isle Four in the Cuphead DLC that instructs the player on how Ms. Chalice's unique moves function. It can be accessed through the food cart next to Chef Saltbaker's bakery, though only if the player has the Astral Cookie charm equipped that allows them to play as Ms. Chalice.


This level is a simple tutorial that consists of a single screen. It is made to look like a page from an old-fashioned recipe book that is sitting open on the food cart.

Playing as Ms. Chalice, the player can walk across the pages. Following the instructions on the right page, they can practice her dash parry on the pink grains, double jump up to the bookmark on the left page, and dodge roll past a tear in the astral plane. On the far right, one coin can be collected.


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  • Upon entering the tutorial, as the camera zooms in on the recipe book, a variety of other food-related items can briefly be seen on the food cart surrounding the book. Most of these items appear to reference bosses from the main game. These items include:
    • A honey dipper with black and yellow stripes on its handle, probably referencing Rumor Honeybottoms. Above it is also a jar covered with a yellow hexagonal-patterned cloth that likely holds honey.
    • A plate of blue gelatin with a red cherry sitting next to it that resembles Goopy Le Grande with his red nose.
    • A carrot, an onion, and a potato set right next to each other, obviously referencing the Root Pack.
    • A small pumpkin, which may reference the flying pumpkins in Railroad Wrath.
    • A moon pie (labeled as such) with a black and red color scheme, which is possibly a nod to Hilda Berg's last phase.
    • A horseshoe magnet with various bolts and screws attached to it, which may reference the enormous magnet used by Dr. Kahl's Robot.
    • A bowl filled with blue- and purple-shelled clams that look identical to the one worn as a top by Cala Maria. A note next to the bowl says "Fresh Clams".
    • A can of soup of the same type from which Werner Werman's tank is built.
    • A basket of small eggs with multi-colored spots that look similar to the ones Wally Warbles spits out in his first phase.
    • A wrapped green piece of candy, a candy cane, blue and pink jelly beans, and a piece of candy corn, likely all in reference to the candy-themed Sugarland Shimmy.
    • A donut with Beppi The Clown's half-blue, half-red color scheme.
  • By abusing the use of removing Player 2, it is possible to remain in the recipe as Cuphead/Mugman. By having Player 2 equip the Astral Cookie to enter the recipe and removing said player, the first player will be able to experience the tutorial that wasn't meant for them. However, making it up to the platform is incredibly difficult to perform as Cuphead/Mugman's jump height (while higher than Ms Chalice's single-jump) is not high enough to make it to the platform without parrying the leaf at the bottom to try and make it there.