Railroad Wrath is a boss level from Inkwell Isle Three where the Phantom Express takes place. It is represented on the map by a train on some tracks.

The actual battle takes place in a haunted forest/graveyard. You are on a little cart that has two parryable switches that move the cart from left to right. After completing it, you unlock the path to Inkwell Hell.



  • Shoot the Spooks and Pumpkimps. Parry if needed.

It is recommended to use Chaser and Spread.

This is the only phase that you are recommended to use Spread shot. Use it and keep shooting. Shoot Pumpkimps and parry If necessary.

You will be required to be in a spot where T-Bone's hands can't hit you. You don't always have to shoot the Pumpkimps and parry it's ingot bar, but you might want to if T-Bone's hands are down. Keep using Chaser and/or Spread and Supers if you want to get a higher grade. If you stand in a specific spot at the edge of the handcar, T-bone’s hands can’t hit you, although this may have been fixed in a patch

In this stage, you want to start attacking the Blaze Brother that doesn't attack first, then keep Chaser/Spread shooting the opposite Blaze Brother. Shoot and parry the Spooks if needed.

Parry the Head of the Train's tail and use Chaser against his heart. Super if you want to get a higher score, and make sure to dodge the flaming bone wheels by jumping or ducking. Make sure you can fight off the Pumpkimps and Spooks, and then you'll be able to proceed to Inkwell Hell.


Regular Mode Expert Mode

Phantom Train




Version Soundtrack
In-game soundtrack
Original soundtrack


  • The music in this level, though anachronistic, sounds uncannily similar to the 1958 Lee Morgan song "Just One of Those Things"
  • At a certain part in the music (from 2:08 to 2:14), the famous intro to Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" can be heard in the background. This is one of the few times Cuphead's soundtrack quotes classical music; another example is the reference to "Ride of the Valkyries" in Aviary Action.
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