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"They'll never get ahold of my gold if I spread it all around. If some joe happens to find a coin or two... good for him!"
Quint after speaking about the secret coins.

Quint is an NPC who appears on Inkwell Isle One, standing next to some rocks. He explains the presence of coins randomly scattered around the islands.



Quint is found in an area close to Clip Joint Calamity and Botanic Panic!


Quint is a sentient golden coin with black limbs, wearing white, cartoonish gloves and dark brown shoes. He typically sports a grumpy expression with thick black eyebrows and holds a wheat brown bag of money.


Quint is miserly and more than a little surly.[1] He is also cynical and sensible, so he doesn't trust the bank.

Passage Dialogue[]

Talking to him before finding all the coins

Hurrumph!! I'll be a monkey's uncle if I'm putting my money in the bank!

For all I know, The Devil probably controls the place too!

They'll never get hold of my gold if I spread it all around.

And if some joe happens to find coin or two ... good for him!

Talking to him after finding all the coins

So how did you find all my hidden pieces?

Finders keepers, that's what I say!

Come on, run away little ones, before I change my mind!



  • Although no NPCs, except for Ludwig and Wolfgang, have their names mentioned in the game, his name was found in the localization files as "Quint."


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