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For the in-game character, see Quadratus.

"I am Quadratus, the great and wise. Come closer, young ones, so that I may advise."
Quadratus to Cuphead and Mugman, Sweater Off Dead


Quadratus is in a pool of water, in the middle of the woods. A face forms in the pool's center when Cuphead and Mugman approach it. The face resembles an old man with a big nose and ears. His skin and eyes are both blue.


Quadratus appears in the episode Sweater Off Dead. He gives advice to Cuphead and Mugman on how to ward off the Devil: by knitting an invisible sweater.


To summon Quadratus, a person needs to drop a fizzling jawbreaker into the pool, he will shake and rumble the nearby area, awakening him in the pool.