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Quadratus is a water being located on Inkwell Isle Two. He is located on the very far right of the island and requires no bosses to be defeated prior to seeing him.

He is voiced by Gary Anthony Williams in The Cuphead Show!


Quadratus is in a pool of water. A face forms in the pool’s center when you approach it. The face resembles an old, bearded man with a big nose.


Quadratus' role is to tell the player how many times you have died. When you go speak to him, he says the following:

"Through all your battles and all my rhymes, you have failed and perished n times"

The face then swiftly disappears. This can be done as many times as you like, as it is purely to tell you how many deaths you have.

In The Cuphead Show, he appears in the episode Sweater Off Dead as a mystic oracle who advises Cuphead and Mugman on how to keep the Devil from taking Cuphead's soul: knit an invisible sweater from special thread.



  • He may be based off of the Lady Of The Lake, from the King Arthur legends.
  • Lucien, a character on Inkwell Isle 2, will tell you about him.
  • His face resembles that of a ghost appearing from the moving barn in Swing You Sinners!.
  • There is a third quote that not many players know about due to it being quite rare. The quote was added in the latest base game update just a day before the DLC came out.

"I sense a need for help in thee... Just spin in place and count to three!"

This line is obviously hinting towards the secret of releasing Game Djimmi to double your HP.

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