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The Pretzel is an enemy found in the Run n' Gun stage Funfair Fever from Inkwell Isle Two.


The Pretzel is a pretzel with a face. It has two thin black legs and wears blue shoes.


The Pretzel appears in the "SNACKS AND TREATS" section in Funfair Fever, where it appears on some of the platforms. It simply jumps in place, and the only way it can hurt the player is by contact. This enemy is meant to hinder the player and to make it harder to get to the Hot Dog, especially since the Hot Dog already shoots condiments at the player.


The Pretzel can simply be destroyed by shooting at it (12 HP), or if aiming for a P grade, the player should wait for the platform it is on to lower and then dash to the next platform. (Note that the player needs to have the Smoke Bomb charm equipped for a P-Grade in Funfair Fever, due to the Robot Monkeys.)



  • Unlike other enemies, when shooting the pretzels, they flash green instead of white.
    • This is most likely a bug though.
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