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""I hate those cups.""
Porkrind on multiple occasions

Porkrind is a minor supporting character of the Cuphead Show. He is the shopkeeper of his namesake emporium. His first appearance overall in the series is Handle With Care! which sees him attempting to help Cuphead and Mugman find a replacement handle for Mugman in his store when Mugman accidentally smashes his handle. Porkrind's next major appearance is Dangerous Mugman, which shows the debut of his more antagonistic side. He later appears in season three's Special Delivery.


Porkrind looks exactly the same as his video game counterpart. He is an anthropomorphic pig. He has a portly, yet somewhat muscular build, with skin color similar to humans, a pink snout, and a black curled mustache similar to those typically worn by cartoon villains. He wears a grey shirt with white hems, brown overalls, and a black eyepatch with a grey band, suggesting that he may have lost an eye in a past accident or is otherwise just cosmetic.

In a dream sequence in Dangerous Mugman, Porkrind is shown to have a standard brown wooden hammer.


Porkrind is shown to have a substantial dislike for Cuphead and Mugman, even to the point of daydreaming about smashing their heads with a mallet, and even grinning at their absence from their favorite pinball game, but he still does business with them nevertheless. Despite his dislike of the Cup brothers, he is shown to be more tolerant of them when they are not pushing his buttons. Porkrind even seemed mildly concerned when the two brothers come back three days after having disappeared and understands that they went to Mount Eruptus, when he just wanted them to get his laundry in the episode "Dangerous Mugman"; he would do a lot of things, but he has enough morality to not send children to an active volcano. Additionally, he also seems to hold some amount of respect for Cuphead, points out his bravery. Considering that he calls Mugman out for his cowardice immediately after, he was most likely being truthful when he said this, as he is unaware that Mugman, meek and timid as he is, defeated the Devil three times.



Cuphead and Mugman[]

Porkrind despises Cuphead and Mugman for their annoying and childish behavior. At one point, he even had a disturbing thought where he bashed there heads in with a giant mallet. Despite this, he doesn't actually want them dead. This is demonstrated when he gives them and Chalice a package to deliver to Rigby and Croaks that contains explosive shoes and overtime he begins to feel guilt over supposedly causing their deaths. This goes as far as attempting to leave his emporium to stop them, only to realize they were unable to deliver the shoes and instead gives them their ball back without a cost.


Porkrind was seen making a deal with him in the episode, Handle With Care, where he ordered a bunch of explosives off from him from the black market.

Ms. Chalice[]

Porkrind only interacts with Ms. Chalice atleast once in a Season 3 episode where she is forced to pay off her debt to him by delivering a package to the Fly Trap. In assistance, Porkrind gives her a disguise and names her "Biff Macintosh," a handyman and secret assassin.

Ribby and Croaks[]

Though never seen onscreen, Porkrind has presumably interacted with them once, when he forces Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice to deliver a package to their club, and states that "he knows how they feel."




  • He seems to enjoy listening horse racing on the radio.
  • It seems that he uses several names when selling illegal products. In the episode "Dangerous Mugman", he asks his client not to call him Porkrind, which is his real name.
  • Head writer Deeki Deke implied that Porkind and the Devil may have met prior to the series' events.
  • He does not appear in Season 2 of The Cuphead Show!
  • While he's still an Inkwell Isle resident like in the game, he's shown speaking with the same American accent most other characters use instead of the vaguely eastern European-ish one he had in the game.