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Porkrind's Emporium on Inkwell Isles I, II, & III
Porkrind's Emporium on Inkwell Isle IV

Porkrind's Emporium is the shop in Cuphead, as well as the place where the players encounter the store's merchant, Porkrind. The players can use the gold coins they find in Run n' Gun levels or in the overworld to buy upgrades, such as different types of weapons or charms.

Some items must be bought for another, different one to immediately drop in its place. This means that buying many items first (including ones the player may not want) must be done in order for the desired item to eventually drop and be for sale.


There are two types of item available in the shop: weapons and charms. Each item of the two types is sold at different price with Weapons at 4 coins and Charms at 3 or 5 coins.


Charm Image Icon Description Price When available
Heart Heart Charm HeartIcon "Adds an additional hit point but lightly weakens your attack power." 3 Coins Available immediately
Smoke Bomb Smoke Dash Smoke Bomb "You will not take damage during a dash. A great defense maneuver." 3 Coins Available immediately
P. Sugar P Sugar PSugarIcon "The first parry move is automatic -- all you need to do is jump." 3 Coins Available after purchase of one of the initial 2 charms
Coffee Coffee CoffeeIcon "Super meter continuously fills -- in addition to what you earn." 3 Coins Requires purchase of 2 other charms
Twin Heart Twin Heart Charm TwinHeartIcon "Adds two additional hit points but weakens your attack power." 5 Coins Requires purchase of 3 other charms
Whetstone Whetstone WhetstoneIcon "Your first parry move doubles as a damaging axe attack." 3 Coins Requires purchase of 4 other charms or 1 DLC charm
Heart Ring HeartRing HeartRingIcon "Restores one HP to the player for their first, third, and sixth parries." 3 Coins Available immediately in Inkwell Isle 4
Broken Relic BrokenRelic BrokenRelicIcon "A simple bauble of unknown origin." 1 Coin Available immediately in Inkwell Isle 4


Weapon EX Potion Icon Shot EX Shot Description Price When available
Spread Eight Way Spread potion SpreadIcon Spread Eight Way "Short range with great damage -- if you can keep close to your target." 4 Coins Available immediately
Chaser Chaos Orbit Chaser potion ChaserIcon Chaser Cuphead chaser ex "Long range with below-average damage. No aiming required." 4 Coins Available immediately
Lobber Kablooey
Lobber Potion
LobberIcon Lobber Kablooey "Medium range and good damage with a slower rate of fire." 4 Coins Available after purchase of one of the initial 3 weapons or 2 purchases in the DLC shop
Charge Radial Barrage Charge potion ChargeIcon Uncharged ChargeCharge Radial Barrage "Hold attack to increase damage. No rapid fire, so precision is key." 4 Coins Requires purchase of 2 other weapons or 1 DLC weapon
Roundabout Jumbo Rebound Roundabout potion RoundaboutIcon Roundabout Jumbo Rebound "Great coverage with average damage. Aim backward for maximum range." 4 Coins Available immediately
Crackshot P. Turret Crackshot potion CrackshotIcon CrackedCrackshotCrackshot P. Turret "Straight shot with good damage. Breaks into weaker aimed projectiles." 4 Coins Available immediately in Inkwell Isle IV
Converge Electro-Bolt Converge potion ConvergeIcon Converge Electro-Bolt "Full screen piercing 3-way shot. Hold lock button to narrow spread." 4 Coins Available immediately in Inkwell Isle IV
Twist-Up Cyclone Spiral Twist-Up potion TwistUpIcon TwistUp Cyclone Spiral "Rapid-fire shot with arced pathway and average damage." 4 Coins Available immediately in Inkwell Isle IV


Version Soundtrack
Beta soundtrack Cuphead_Beta_Music_-_Old_Porkrind's_Shop_Music
Porkrind's Shop Cuphead_OST_-_35_-_Porkrind's_Shop
Porkrind's Provisions Porkrind's_Provisions



Porkrind's Emporium was also originally a wagon, seen here in the pre-release version of the DLC.

  • During the pre-release gameplay of the DLC, Porkrind's Emporium was a wagon, just like the other Inkwell Isles. In the final version, this was changed to be a booth instead.
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