"You gots to equip those new purchases if you want to use them. Look at your equip card, ya bums!"
Porkrind, after Cuphead and/or Mugman buys something.

Porkrind is the shopkeeper throughout Cuphead. He sells charms and weapons to aid the player in boss fights, and appears in every world of the game except Inkwell Hell.

Porkrind can be found in three different locations:


  • Porkrind bears a resemblance to the shopkeeper from Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, who is also a pig with an eyepatch.
  • His name is based on the term "pork rind", which is a type of snack food made by deep-frying the skin of pigs.
  • He has an eyepatch, which means he may be missing an eye.
    • However, it is also possible that he wears it because he merely has an astigmatism.
  • His gravelly voice and greeting may be a reference to The Merchant from Resident Evil 4
    • ​It also may be meant to sound like a recording from an old worn-out gramophone.
  • On the right side of the emporium, there is a picture of a female pig that could possibly be Porkrind's wife or girlfriend.
  • Porkrind is the only non-boss, non-playable character who is heard actually speaking; when you enter his shop, he says "Welcome", and when you leave, he says "Good-bye", whilst waving his hand.


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