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For the episode, see The Devil's Pitchfork.

The Pitchfork is a powerful weapon that serves as the personal weapon of The Devil. Minus shapeshifting and conjuring objects, he is heavily dependent on it for extra abilities.



The pitchfork has three prongs and appears to be painted gold, but made of metal.[2] It appears to be about as long as the Devil is tall.

Powers and abilities[]

The pitchfork is shown to have various applications, depending on the will of the user. When its power is activated, it illuminates with bright, orange flames. Since whoever wields it has command over half of the Devil's powers, it affords tremendous abilities.

  • Teleportation: By tapping the bottom-end of the pitchfork on the ground, the Devil can instantly teleport himself to anywhere he wants. According to Quadratus, it takes a thousand years to master.
  • Fire Generation: The pitchfork can blast fire from its head, incinerating any substance in existence.
  • Levitation: The pitchfork can levitate the user and anything else should the user commands it.
  • Transformation: The pitchfork can transform anything into anything else the user wants.
  • Mégethoskinesis: The pitchfork can increase or decrease the size of anything the user commands it to.
  • Conjuration: The pitchfork can create almost anything out of thin air.
  • Atmogenesis: The pitchfork can create different aspects of the weather, such as thunderstorms, etc.
  • Atmokinesis: The pitchfork can manipulate the weather.
  • Melee combat: The pitchfork can be wielded in combat just like any other melee weapon.


  • Limitations: Despite being an immensely powerful mystical weapon, the pitchfork's powers do have their limits.
    • Invisible sweater: Just like the sweater can prevent the Devil from stealing the wearer's soul, it can also protect the wearer from his pitchfork, seen when the Devil tries to destroy Stickler with a ranged attack, only to learn he has become the sweater's new owner.
    • Individual(s): Contrary to what Mugman first thought, not only the Devil can use the Pitchfork. It can be wielded by any other individual regardless whether or not they are a demon or a mortal. The fork is bound by an ancient contract: "Finders keepers, loosers wheepers."


  • It's implied that a good deal of The Devil's power in the show comes from his pitchfork: When it gets stolen by Cuphead and Mugman in "The Devil's Pitchfork", The Devil finds himself unable to do anything but ask for the boys to give it back to him, with predictable results. In the game, the pitchfork was just a tool The Devil used, with Old Scratch being as strong without it as he was with it. It is explained that the pitchfork holds half of the Devil's power and gives him the power to control fire and teleport; he doesn't need it for shapeshifting, however.
  • Though most likely played for laughs, it's revealed in "The Devil's Revenge!" that Old Scratch got his pitchfork as part of a utensil set alongside a giant golden spoon. The Devil tells Henchman to put it away before someone sees it.
  • According to Quadratus, it takes a thousand years to master teleportation with the pitchfork. Given his perfect mastery, the Devil has probably met this requirement. In comparison, Cuphead's one attempt was a complete failure. Instead of teleporting, his body parts randomly shifted. However, it seems that there is no need for training to shoot fire or fly with the Pitchfork, since Cuphead and Mugman were able to do so immediately.
  1. Revealed in The Devil's Revenge!
  2. In The Devil & Ms. Chalice, when the Devil touches the tip of his pitchfork, a metalic sound is heard.