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"Ah-ha! You've noticed that my style is very Russian!"
Pirouletta, Death Screen

Pirouletta is a mini boss that appears in the boss fight for King Dice when landing on Space 7.



Pirouletta is an anthropomorphic roulette wheel with a long nose, red lipstick, green arms and red legs. She wears white gloves and a pair of yellow shoes with light yellow trims. Her "mouth" is not visible when closed, but she rarely opens it other than on her death screen and when she grits her teeth. She has a metallic yellow body with a light yellow ring on the waist and a helm with a large hole on the center on the top of her head. On her hips there's the wheel, which has the colors of a roulette machine: the first layer has green squares, the second has the classic red and black squares and the third has brown squares on it.


Pirouletta seems to enjoy dancing as evidenced by her movements during her battle. As evidenced by her death screen, she seems to be extremely knowledgeable about ballet, considering that Russian dancing is archaic.


Before her battle begins, Pirouletta will make a gesture, and then begin to fight the player(s).



Pirouletta's battle commences on, fittingly enough, a roulette table. She dances around the stage continuously from left to right, leaving no room to avoid. In Expert Mode, she dances around quicker.

The stage has four poker chips which players can flip over by parrying, creating makeshift platforms to stand on. These chips, however, will revert back to their original position after a short amount of time. In Expert mode, the chips will take less time to revert themselves after being parried.

After dancing, she will stop at either side and spin around, shooting her roulette balls up into the air, sending them raining down on the players. These balls will start on two ends and quickly narrow to the middle until they leave no room for player to escape. Fortunately, while the balls are raining down, there will be a brief opening for player to escape. In Expert mode, the balls will have falls down faster.

When she is defeated, she will put her hand on her forehead in despair and lean forward then backward repeatedly, as if in the midst of fainting. Hitpoints = 650/800



  • Her name is a portmanteau of "Pirouette" and "Roulette".
    • Pirouletta represents Roulette games that are often played in casinos.
    • Her name also derives from the word Pirouette, a ballet move made in Italy and adapted in France and Russia, which she does during her second attack.
    • She also is a play on Russian Roulette, a game in which a gun loaded with a single bullet is spun and then shot until one player is killed. Pirouletta parodies this as the penalty for losing her fight is obviously death.
  • Pirouletta is the only female only mini-boss in All Bets Are Off!. Dot is part of the Pip and Dot duo, and Ginette the Martini Glass is part of the Tipsy Troop.
    • She is also the only female minion of King Dice to have arms.
  • In the unused Simple Mode, she starts with her intro but would just stand still, no moving sideways or using the roulette balls to attack. She only have the default 100 health. In later version like 1.1.3, the Simple Mode differences have been removed and would play like Regular Mode instead.

Inspirations and similarities[]

  • Pirouletta is yet another character inspired by Olive Oyl with her long arms, body shape, and possibly her long nose.

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