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The Pineapple Mint is one of the ingredients of the Wondertart. They are held by The Howling Aces in the level Doggone Dogfight.


Pineapple Mints are a batch of mint leaves, decorated by a pineapple grenade on top of a dog bowl to emphasize the nature of their level.


This is the only ingredient that Chef Saltbaker uses in the second phase of his fight and one only one that does not have a sentient counterpart. Saltbaker will get some leaves with his free hand, throw them up, and sprinkle them. Afterwards, the leaves will fall from the ceiling side to side. Their number varies as well: at minimum, they come down three at a time, and at maximum (only achievable in Expert Mode) they can come down five at a time. The intermediate number, which becomes the maximum on Regular Mode (The stage A Dish to Die For has no Simple Mode.) is four at a time.


Inspirations and similarities[]

  • The movement patterns of the attack is similar to the leaves that Wood Man drops in his boss battle in Mega Man 2.
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