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(The episode starts with Mugman playing "Nocturne in E Flat Major" on the piano onstage. He is also wearing a suit and a powdered wig. his eyes are shut and his lips are pursed while playing. When Mugman finishes, the crowd starts clapping and throwing flowers at Mugman, who bows, picks up a flower, smells it, and smiles tearfully, but all of a sudden, a tongue comes out of nowhere and licks Mugman,.the audience starts laughing. A piano is acting like a dog now. The piano hops and licks Mugman who wakes up in a hammock. The piano is actually Elder Kettle's goat licking him.)

Mugman: (exclaiming in disgust) Get off of me, you stupid goat!

[He tosses away his plate, which has a half-eaten sandwich on it, and the goat bounds after it]

Cuphead: You were having the piano dream again, weren't you?

Mugman: Yeah. Probably just excited for my next lesson with the great Ludwig!

Cuphead: [dismissively] Oh, that guy. Mr. Snooty Face.

Mugman: No, Ludwig is a brilliant musical mind. And he's inspiring me to appreciate the finer things, like music, culture and lobster. [He tumbles out of the hammock]

Cuphead: Eh, who needs lobster when there's free crawdads down at the crick?

Mugman: You can keep your crawdads, and your crick!

Cuphead: And you can keep your snooty piano instructor. You know he doesn't even say your name right.

[Suddenly, a car horn playing Beethoven's 5th blares. Mugman gushes and claps his hands together expectantly. An absurdly long limousine pulls up in front of the cottage. Ludwig, a man with a phonograph for a head, steps out. He resembles King Dice, but isn't dressed as flashily)

Cuphead: Eh, I got crawdads to catch. Have fun tickling the ivories, you weirdos.