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The Penguin Clown is an enemy in the Carnival Kerfuffle boss level of Inkwell Isle Two. They only appear when Beppi The Clown is in his final phase.


The Penguin Clown has green and white feathers, with an orange beak and large black eyes that vaguely look like PAC-MAN, alluding to the pie-eye designs from old cartoons. It wears some clown makeup with two beige triangles, red and orange clown ruffle collar, and two blue buttons. Penguin Clowns always have a smile, with just the top part of their beak fully visible and the bottom part reduced to a thin line.


Phase 4[]

After the first quick roller coaster passes, Beppi The Clown opens his mouth and summons a group of three or four Penguin Clowns one at a time. The Penguin Clowns. roll over to their place and start dancing in place. Once in a while, they clap and conjure up a baseball and shoot at where the player(s) is. They can either be defeated, or be ran over by the next speeding roller coaster driving across the screen. In Expert Mode, the Penguin Clowns shoot at a faster rate.

When Cuphead depletes Beppi's health completely, the Penguin Clowns are instantly destroyed.


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