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"Standard issue weapon. Long range with average damage."

Peashooter is a weapon from Cuphead. Delivered by Elder Kettle from the beginning of the game, it is a very first weapon to obtain. The weapon operates slightly different when playing as Ms. Chalice.


An average damage weapon with good range. It has a light blue color and looks like a laser beam. The standard issue weapon that is given to the player. It travels straightforward at a high velocity, for a boss that can give you a lot of horizontal distance to dodge, it is a good choice.

When playing as Ms. Chalice, the weapon has a very narrow spread and fires slightly slower.

EX: Mega Blast - Fires a huge, blue fireball that deals considerable damage. It will hit a target three times before disappearing, it is a good burst of damage that can be aimed in the usual eight directions.


  • The Mega Blast, EX move for the peashooter, and Ribby's fist attack are references to the Street Fighter series, where the iconic Hadoken special attack used by Ryu, Ken, and others, is depicted as either a pair of spectral hands surrounded by energy or just a ball of energy.
  • The name of the "EX" is a reference to Street Fighter as using part of the super meter to strengthen the normal special attack instead of using the Super Combo, or in Cuphead case, strengthen the normal weapon instead of using Super Art.
  • Hadoken can be strengthened by using a portion of the Super Meter to make it into an EX Hadoken - Shakunetsu Hadoken, it can hit the opponent from 1 to 3 times, just like Mega Blast hitting enemies three times before it disappears as another layer of reference to the Mega Blast