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Patch 1.2 was the second update for Cuphead and coincided with the release of the Nintendo Switch port of the game.

Bugs Fixes[]

  • Sounds now play when approaching the boss level sprites on Inkwell Isle Two and Inkwell Isle Three. Previously, only Inkwell Isle One featured these sounds.
  • Dr, Kahl's glasses on his Game Over card are now green. Before, they were incorrectly colored yellow.
  • The Kablooey EX projectile no longer explodes twice when shot against the floor, Now, it correctly explodes only once and thus no longer deals double damage in this situation.
    • It is still possible, however, to do double damage with this attack, by causing the projectile to hit the ground and an enemy hitbox at the same time. Previously, this dealt triple damage, on account of the (now fixed) double explosion bug.
  • Clipping into ledges now pushes the player towards the left.
    • This solution resulted in a new glitch where the player may be forced back to the starting area after reaching the elevator platform in Rugged Ridge. With the elevator stuck at the bottom of its track, it would be impossible to complete the level.

New Features[]

  • New secret boss phases with specific triggers have been added for some bosses.
    • During Botanic Panic, not attacking Ollie Bulb and simply waiting will cause him to go underground and end his phase early. Then, once Chauncey Chantenay's phase begins, the formerly unused Horace Radiche will spring out of the ground and join in the fight.
    • In Pyramid Peril, if the player is in mini-plane form while Djimmi The Great performs his magic scan, a mini Cuppet will appear instead of the regular, full-size Cuppet. The entire Cuppet phase is skipped and mini Cuppet will fight alongside Djimmi during the final boss phase.
    • At the beginning of Dramatic Fanatic, the player can stand on the two Cupid figures at either ends of the stage. Jumping onto both will lower the chandelier in the background, which then falls and crushes Sally Stageplay's soon-to-be husband. This causes various changes during the remainder of the battle.
      • During the second phase, the stage background is now a nunnery instead of Sally's house, and the attacking children are now attacking nuns.
      • During the third phase, Sally's husband returns. Like Sally, he now has a godly appearance and can attack the player.
      • At the end of the fight, during the cast bow, the children are replaced by a nun.
  • In both outcomes in the final phase of Dramatic Fanatic, the actors featured in the fight will be given a standing ovation.
  • Cuphead and Mugman each have a new intro animation.
  • Most of the picture book cutscenes now have animations. The intro cutscene did not receive this treatment.
  • On the save game select screen, Mugman is now selectable in single player mode.
  • New language selections for French, Italian, German, European Spanish, Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.
  • The mummies in Djimmi The Great's third phase now explode into confetti once destroyed.
  • The popping sound of the balloon dogs from Beppi The Clown's second phase is louder.
  • The Conductor now has a longer delay for his attack.
  • The Legendary Chalice now has an animation for when a super art is granted.

New Bugs[]

  • Wally Warbles's final phase hitbox is larger than his visual body. If the player flies close to the paramedic birds, they may inexplicably take damage.
  • Lord Gob Packer's smaller counterpart(s) will lag behind if the monitor refresh rate is too high. This was fixed in hotfix update 1.2.3.
  • King Dice's attack no longer includes diamond and spade cards.
  • The background laughs in Inkwell Hell can no longer be heard.