Cuphead Wiki

Patch 1.1.3 was the first bug-fix update released for Cuphead.

Bugs Fixes[]

  • Controller vibration and freezes.
  • Softlocking when dying in a boss transition, or clicking an option too quick.
  • Player 2 can be multiplied. (Still exists)
  • Cooldown of weapon firing still decreases when swapping to the other weapon.
  • The Charge weapon would reset after the player parries.
  • Mr. Chimes will go off-screen.
  • Player 2 will not appear on the Dice Board when revived.
  • The score on All Bets Are Off! will not reset when the level is retried.
  • The Devil's serpent form hitbox extends, rather than retracting when it is finished.
  • The elevator on Rugged Ridge will not activate.
  • Bosses can be damaged off-screen.
  • Roundabout weapon randomly will not come back when shot off-screen.
  • Baroness Von Bon Bon and Dr. Kahl's Robot's death screen will appear incorrectly.
  • Collision bugs.
  • Audio bugs.
  • Treetop Trouble and Funfair Fever could not give the player and A+ grade, even if all the requirements are completed.

New Features[]

  • The player must have at least 3 hitpoints remaining in order to get an A+ or an S ranking, making Heart and Twin Heart more useful.
  • Getting hit by the dandelions spat out by Cagney Carnation, will cause the screen to go dizzy.
  • Weapon slot B, charms, and supers, can be unequipped.
  • New parryable objects for High Seas Hi-Jinx! and Junkyard Jive!: some of the red fish's fire fishes and the electric eels' bullets, and some of the diamond shards respectively.
  • The olive bats' red eyeballs from the Tipsy Troop fight can no longer be parried. Instead, the olive bats will occasionally shoot pink eyeballs that can be parried.
  • The Devil's goat form hitbox increases in size so it hits ducking players.
  • When Rumor Honeybottoms comes down from the middle, she will also point her finger down like on the sides to better telegraph to the player when she comes down.