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CUPHEAD PlayStation 4 Launch Trailer

Cuphead on PS4!

The Cuphead PS4 Launch Trailer is a stop-motion animation starring King Dice and Cuphead. It was animated by a Toronto-based Stop Motion Department.


At first, we see the back of King Dice's head, and hear him humming. The camera starts to turn and we see King Dice's face. he looks at the camera, and then he smiles mischievously. The camera starts to zooms out to see him stuffing Cuphead with hay, or grass, while King Dice says "Stuffing, stuffing, stuffing away, what does the cup have to say?". After saying that (and finishing stuffing him), Cuphead gets up in King Dice's hands and says "I want to play."

After saying that, Cuphead slips out of King Dice's hands, to King Dice's surprise, and bounces off screen. After that, we see Mugman fighting Cagney Carnation, Then Cuphead and Mugman withstanding the Lollipop ghouls. Then we see Cuphead walloping Baroness Von Bon Bon, And Running and Gunning on Funhouse Frazzle. Then Cuphead and Mugman are facing Cala Maria, And then battling Mangosteen. It then goes back to stop motion with King Dice saying "Gather round, hear what I have to say.". After saying that, It goes to Cuphead Beating Grim Matchstick. Then it goes back to stop motion and we see King Dice and Cuphead dancing. Then King Dice says "Happy news I bring to you today,", and Cuphead says "Yipee!" Then we see Cuphead and Mugman fighting the Head of the Train, then beating down Rumor Honeybottoms. It then goes to Cuphead and Mugman fighting Hilda Berg, then Captain Brineybeard. The few bosses we see are Ollie Bulb, Katzenwagen, and Wally Warbles. While that is happening, King Dice is saying "Oh yes it's here on the PlayStation dear, don't you want to have a hoot!?". Then Cuphead jumps up and says "I do!". Then they start dancing while King Dice says "Come with me and we'll work assiduously." Then they twirl for about 3 seconds, then stop, and King Dice says "Now hear this". It zooms in on his face, and he says "It's out right now. Oh ho yeah.".