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"The first parry move is automatic — all you need to do is jump."

The P. Sugar is a charm available from Porkrind's Emporium.


The P. Sugar charm makes it so if the player jumps, they will automatically parry. Useful for bosses with parryable objects in tough spots like Ribby and Croaks and Cagney Carnation.

In plane fights, it will extend the parry window so it will be easier to parry stuff with less risk of getting hit, the parry animation is unchanged but it will cycle twice instead of once.

Sometimes, when attempting a parry with this charm equipped, you may get hit by the parry-able object, but will still parry said object. This usually happens when there is a very tight space between the player and the object.


  • The abbreviated "P" may stand for "pink" or "parry".
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