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Not to be confused with One Hell Of A Dream.

One Hell Of A Time is the final level in Cuphead, where the players must face off against The Devil. When entering the level, the player will be presented with a cutscene, and the fight commences when they refuse the Devil's demands.


The location of One Hell Of A Time is in the chess piece-shaped building next to the casino in Inkwell Hell.


Phase 1[]

In this phase, his attacks are the summoning projectiles with his pitchfork and his many animal transformations.

He will use his trident to summon three different types of projectiles. One of the projectiles can be parried:

  • He summons 6 will-o'-the-wisp, one by one, aims to the spot where the player was at the time. One of them can be parried.
  • He summons 5 sentient fireballs, one is pink in the middle, and 4 normal ones orbit around it. It will move to the left and right and leaves after a while.
  • He summons 4 bubbles, two pairs launched in a random and opposite direction. They bounce around the screen for a while before bouncing off the screen. One of them can be parried.

He will transform into a certain creature with its own attack.

  • The Devil will extend its arms and clap in the middle of the screen to damage you. The only way to avoid the attack is to jump over it at the right time and then dash or use and EX move. Formerly, the player was able to crouch to avoid this attack.
  • The Devil will extend its head like a serpent. You can stand at the opposite side of the attack or by standing below the arches the serpent makes to avoid the attack.
  • The Spider will jump at you. You can dodge it by dashing or simply walking away or even by not moving at all, though it’s riskier than the latter.

A purple demon will appear behind the Devil's throne and judge by where he is going to move on where he is. They can simply be disposed of by shooting them. Hitpoints = 4.5/5

Phase 2[]

The Devil will extend his mouth and his skeleton jumps out of his skin. Then a hole appears with the word "GO!" with closing fire walls. When you jump down the hole, Phase 2 begins. Throughout this phase, flaming poker chips will fall on the platforms. He can use two attack in the first part:

  • The Devil will use his pupil to release a pink bat bomb out of his ear cavity. Failing to parry the bomb soon enough will result in a huge explosion.
  • The Devil will join his eyes as one and summon a glowing ax that spiral out.

After damaging him enough, the Devil will become frustrated and the second part of the fight can commence. The Devil will no longer fight the player(s) directly - he will instead send his minions to attack:

  • Two of the outermost platforms will drop, and the Devil will put in some Fat Demons in the side of the screen. These demons can spit out skulls, with some of them can be parried. They can be defeated.
  • Randomly, Imps is summoned on the Devil's forehead and swoop down at the player(s). They can be defeated.

After damaging him enough, the devil will start crying and the third part commence:

  • The Devil will just cry, and tears starts falling. They are pink and can be parried.
  • Only one platform remains. Beware of the chip as it can only fall on one platforms now so always parry when avoiding being hit by the chip to also not get hit by the tears.

After taking enough damage, he is beaten for good, as he rubs the sides of his head, one of his horns are broken and both of his horns are bandaged, and he has a very sick expression on his face.


As this is the final boss fight of Cuphead, some leitmotifs are heard in the 1st phase soundtrack Admission to Perdition.

1:23: Sugarland Shimmy

1:35: Floral Fury

1:47: Fiery Frolic

1:55: Clip Joint Calamity mixed in with Carnival Kerfuffle

2:01: Dramatic Fanatic

2:38: Botanic Panic! (possibly)


Regular Mode Expert Mode


Phase 1[]

Version Soundtrack
In-game soundtrack Cuphead_OST_-_Admission_to_Perdition_In-Game_Version
Original soundtrack Admission_to_Perdition
Game over soundtrack Cuphead_-_"Admission_to_Perdition"_Game_Over_Screen_Version

Phase 2[]

Version Soundtrack
In-game soundtrack Cuphead_OST_-_One_Hell_of_a_Time_In-Game_Version
Original soundtrack One_Hell_of_a_Time
Game over soundtrack Cuphead_-_"One_Hell_of_a_Time"_Game_Over_Screen_Version


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