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Not to be confused with One Hell Of A Time.

One Hell Of A Dream is a secret level located on Inkwell Isle Four wherein the player(s) fight the Angel and Demon. This level can be accessed after buying the Broken Relic and solving the graveyard puzzle. Unlike the other boss levels in the game, this one has no additional attack phases, and is much shorter.


A useful Strategy for beating this boss, is to stay in the cloud, using the Crackshot weapon to shoot and not worry about aiming to dodge without a problem, and also taking care of changing the perspective of your character when you get closer to the Demon, and when any Fire Barrier comes up, change the perspective again.




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  • This "level" does not have a name and a result screen for it is just a nightmare. "One Hell Of A Dream" is a fan-made name that is derived from the soundtrack for the level.
  • When loading this battle, the hourglass is destroyed, its sand spilled on the ground and cannot jump and turn over. This is because the location of the boss battle takes place in a supposed afterlife outside of time.
  • The music of their battle is not distorted when you die, and it does not restart when the starting the battle again.
  • This level was meant to appear in One Hell Of A Time as the Devil's second phase, but it was scrapped, it even has the code of the fight written already and is reworked into this fight.
    • The music of this level features some of the leitmotifs from The Devil's first phase theme, "Admission to Perdition".
    • The background of this level shows the skeleton form of The Devil, also appearing in the transition between Phase 1 to 2 for the Devil.
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