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The Octopus is a character appearing in the Run 'N Gun level Perilous Piers in Inkwell Isle Three.


The Octopus is purple with green eyes, pearly white teeth and a jeweled anchor through the top of its head. The jewel on the anchor begins as pink, and once parried turns blue for a short time before returning to pink.


The Octopus cannot deal damage to the player, and allows the player to stand on its head. Once the player first parries the jewel atop the Octopus' head, it will begin swimming towards the right side of the stage. He can be shot at to swim faster across the ocean, clearing the last part of the level faster.

Every time the jewel on the anchor is parried, the Octopus will also shoot a cannonball straight ahead, destroying any rocks it hits. If the Octopus runs into a rock without breaking, it will temporarily sink into the water, forcing the player to take a hit of damage.

Once it has reached the end of the stage, the Octopus will stop moving and sink into the water permanently.


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