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The Nun is an enemy in the Dramatic Fanatic boss level of Inkwell Isle Three. The Nun replaces the babies if the player dropped a chandelier on the husband of Sally Stageplay.


The Nun wears a blue habit (a long-sleeved robe that nuns and monks wore) with a headdress on her head. She has round face, beady eyes, pink cheeks, a round nose, and plump lips. Phase 4 reveals the robe that the Nun is wearing to cover her completely, barring the hands and head.


Phase 2[]

In the background, the Nun can damage the player(s) by throwing a ruler aiming at them through the nunnery's nine windows. She covers her face and cries when defeated. In Expert mode, the nun will appear more often and the ruler is faster. The Nun is effectively an empowered take on the Babies that would've appeared hadn't Sally Stageplay's husband gotten his head smashed by a chandelier.

Phase 4[]

The Nun appear in the background receiving praise from the audience.

Once Sally Stageplay is knocked out, the Nun looks shocked.


  • The Nun slightly resembles Miss Clavel from Madeline.


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