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Number One Sea Beast is a song that appears in The Cuphead Show! within the episode A High Seas Adventure!. It's about Cala Maria singing about her backstory.


Cala Maria: My father was a sailor

My mother was a fish

Since I was little girl

I've only had one wish

A tiny dream belonged to me

To be known across the seven seas

I started small but my ambition grew

And now I'm known across the ocean blue

All my life what I wanted to be

The fiercest monster in the deep blue sea

It's a lonely life

But the only life

I would ever want for me

But I've come so far

And now I'm a star

And everyone knows me

Yes, I am number one sea beast

I am the Cala Maria


  • The opening notes appear to have been derived from “Habanera”, a composition by Georges Bizet.
  • In the Greek dub, Cala Maria's father is referred to as a pirate instead of a sailor.