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Nail Birds are enemies fought in the Aviary Action! level of Inkwell Isle Two.


Nail Birds are spherical birds that can be yellow or pink. They have orange beaks.

Nail Birds appear about the same size as Cuphead and Mugman's planes. They are tied with a rubber band to hold long nails as their "weapon".

Defeating them will cause them to explode in a blast of yellow or pink feathers, depending on their colour.


Nail Birds only appear during the first phase of the fight with Wally Warbles. After Wally gets his armour and feathers stripped off, they will stop appearing and be replaced with a shield of invincible eggs that protects Wally's son. There will be rows in total of four, each with a nail tied to them and will damage the player(s) in contact. The first three will be yellow, while the last one is always pink and able to be parried, which counts as defeating it and adds a card to the Super Meter. Nail Birds can block shots with their bodies. They will fly at two specific heights, which are near the top or near the bottom.

In Simple mode, there will just be three at each row. In Expert mode, they will fly faster across the screen at the same height as the player is.


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