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Murine Corps is a level in Inkwell Isle Three. After either beating Sally Stageplay or completing Rugged Ridge, a new route opens up leading to a neighborhood area containing this level. It is also possible to access this by beating Perilous Piers, which opens up a square containing the Isle's shop and, heading south, the neighborhood area.

Murine Corps is the boss battle starring Werner Werman and should be the third or second to last boss the player fights in Inkwell Isle Three leading to Inkwell Hell. The level is set inside a house, specifically a mouse hole. This fight has three phases, with the first two pitting the player against Werner Werman's custom tank, and the last against his Katzenwagen.

The level's name is a pun on the United States Marine Corps and the word "murine", which can refer to the rodent family Muridae or the genus Mus, both of which classify the common house mouse. This references the fact that Werner Werman is both a house mouse and a soldier.


  • Weapons: Charge, Spread



"Zat vas easy as eins, zwei, drei!"
Werner Werman, Phase 1 Death Screen

The player is greeted by Werner Werman using a mechanical hand to light his cigar. He then goes inside his can and the scuffle commences.

Werner Werman will use one of three attacks:

  • He can pull out a bomb shooter, which shoots out two bombs on Simple, four on Regular or six on Expert. Once they hit the floor, it splits into two projectiles on the floor, which move in both directions.
  • He can also pull out a catapult, which shoots out five projectiles (four on Simple, six on Expert), two or three of which are wads of pink gum and can be parried. The rest are bolts, bottle caps or coins.
  • He also has a chance to launch two pink spring platforms that can be parried, which boost the player up a lot so they can avoid Werner charging over to the other side. With precise timing, the charge attack can be jumped over without using any jump pads.
When Werner Werman is defeated, he moves to the middle and is shown attempting to use a mechanical arm to launch a roman candle at the player, but fails, crashing down to the tank, and destroying the outer layer of his tank, revealing two flamethrowers at the bottom.


"Zis tank iz ze ultimate veapon. You vill not vin!"
Werner Werman, Phase 2 Death Screen

A second platform in the middle is knocked down and bottle caps attached to harmless wooden poles will appear from the sides of the screen. Werner fires his flamethrowers at either the top or bottom level, according to which level his tank is adjusted at. In Regular or Expert Mode, the bottle caps to the side spin to signal that they are moving forward, and will either do so with one, two or all six bottle caps on a single platform, with Expert Mode activating the caps more often. In Simple Mode, Werner's tank will only move to the sides while his bottle caps remain docile, but harmful.

On Regular or Expert, once he has sustained too much damage, his soup can will malfunction as he attempts to pull the levers, and the cat that has been stalking him throughout the fight eats him. In Simple Mode, a knockout is declared and Werner will constantly pull the levers while his tank moves vertically rapidly as if it were broken.


"Hiss! Hiss! Me-e-e-e-ow!!"
Katzenwagen, Final Phase Death Screen

The second platform and the background will be destroyed by Katzenwagen's head as it consumes Werner Werman. Katzenwagen will attack the player in two ways:

  • Katzenwagen scratches its claw either to the left or right and tries to grab the player, with its arm reaching the middle of the arena. Six to seven wood pieces fall from the sky after this, their direction dependent on which direction Katzenwagen stretched its claws. The platforms fall one by one, one getting closer to the other side. In Expert Mode, they fall faster.
  • Katzenwagen summons two Spectral Rats from its mouth that forms a cell. They toss pink balls that split on the floor and can be parried. They can be defeated. In Expert Mode, Katzenwagen summons four rats and some balls can be blue and unparryable, effectively making it harder to get an S rank.
Once it is knocked out, Katzenwagen's face will fall off, revealing a cockpit with an injured Werner Werman at the controls.


Regular Mode Expert Mode


Version Soundtrack
In-game soundtrack Cuphead_OST_-_Murine_Corps_In-Game_Version
Original soundtrack Murine_Corps
Game over soundtrack Cuphead_-_"Murine_Corps"_Game_Over_Screen_Version


  • This is one of the few boss levels to not have alterations of any kind in the music.
  • The fact that the level is similar to both Tom and Jerry and WWI is a reference to propaganda cartoons.
  • The blocks in the bottom right corner shows a toy soldier leaning on some blocks with the letters "M", "D", "H" and "R", a clear reference to Studio MDHR. The letters are stacked in the order "R", "M", "H", "D".
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