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"Delicious and vicious, while maliciously nutritious."
Muffsky Chernikov, Death Screen

Muffsky Chernikov is one of the minor bosses confronted in the Sugarland Shimmy level of Inkwell Isle Two. He is one of the several subjects randomly selected by the level's main boss Baroness Von Bon Bon.



Muffsky is a anthropomorphic frosted cupcake with a malicious expression. He has limbs that wore white gloves and brown shoes, and sports a green wrapper, a red nose, and a red cherry on the top of his head.



Upon randomly summoned for the first phase before fighting Baroness Von Bon Bon herself, Muffsky will jump around the arena and try to squash the player(s). If that fails, two frosting shock waves from his landing will damage the player(s) when they spread outward three times. In Expert mode, instead of waiting for the shock waves to dissipate, he will jump before they are gone, when the third splash appears specifically. Muffsky doesn't appear in Simple mode.

When defeated, his cherry stem will gain eyes, begin to whittle down like a lit fuse, turning into a cherry bomb, exploding with Muffsky. Muffsky will also melt down to just a wrapper and frosting. Hitpoints = 185/235



  • Muffsky's name is not official, along with the names for Baroness' other subjects. His name was revealed as just a pet name given by Tina Nawrocki, one of the game's animators.
  • Muffsky was named "Cupcake Larry" by Combo Panda.
  • Muffsky's death animation does not take into consideration if he is directly on land or not; thus, defeating him while he is on the floor will play his death animation much deeper into the floor than one can normally reach.
  • Muffsky is the only subject of the Baroness that doesn't appear on simple mode.

Inspirations and similarities[]

  • His design could've taken inspiration from the Upside Down cake/Jolly rum cakes from Disney's Silly Simphony's Cookie Carnival.
  • Muffsky's death animation is a reference to Cherry Bomb from Plants Vs Zombies.
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