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"Would you like to hear the flavor of the day?"

-Muffin Ice Cream Man, The I Scream Man

Muffin Ice Cream Man is a character in The Cuphead Show!


Muffin Ice Cream Man is a muffin. His muffin liner looks like a candy shop owner outfit. He has red cheeks white gloves and a small sailors hat on his head which Muffin likes crooked. He also has buck teeth and a red tie. The inspiration for his character could have come from Muffsky Chernikov in Cuphead.


Muffin is a relatively friendly and jolly individual, who enjoys talking about the "flavor of the day" and bringing "joy and delicious treats". Though he is shown to be rather cheeky, as during his "lunch hour" he closes all openings to the truck when Mugman tries to get his attention, crushing Mugman's fingers in the process and after having his hat criticized for its jaunty angle; he only gets a new "slightly smaller" one rather than adjust its angle. He can also be rather impulsive, as he chases Mugman all around town and even into the ocean just to thank him, and unwittingly spoils the ending to his book upon seeing it. He also appears to have an immense amount of ignorant bliss, as up until his hat was insulted, he still remained smiley and cheerful through Mugman's annoyance and was even confused at Mugman attacking him for spoiling his book.

Despite this, he can be strict and crude to those who can't pay for what he's selling, as he promptly took away Cuphead, Mugman and Chalice's ice creams upon being presented with damaged currency and angrily yells "GOODBYE!" at them before driving off.


The I Scream Man[]

He is introduced when Mugman is reading his book and his ice cream truck passes by the cottage. Mugman is upset because the Ice Cream Man Song is playing from his truck and is interrupting Mugman's reading. Upon meeting him, he joyfully greets him and asks "Would you like to hear the flavor of the day?"

At first, Mugman is bothered by his hat, which is sitting at a crooked angle, to which Muffin gleefully replies, "Just the way [he] likes it". Mugman then goes on to ask him to turn of his music, which Muffin had already done so he could talk to him. Upon realizing this, Mugman orders a Fudge Pop and Muffin leaves. Mugman returns to his reading but Muffin returns again and repeats his Flavor of the Day question. Mugman reminds him that he was just at his cottage, and Muffin leaves again after a recognizing him. After Mugman starts reading Muffin once again returns and this time is closed for his lunch. However, his music is still playing and Mugman cannot talk to him because he had shut all of his windows and doors on him. So, in an act of fury, Mugman cuts open the top of the Ice Cream Truck and demands Muffin to turn the music off and to fix his hat.

Muffin fearfully asks why, with his statement being, "I only bring the joy of delicious treats." Mugman so full of anger attempts to stab Muffin with an Ice Cream Cone but Muffin stops him by throwing sprinkles in his eyes. He apologizes for doing so, but explains that Mugman was "acting all crazy". When he once again mentions "the flavor of the day", Mugman snaps, telling him he has had it with the flavor of the day, his face and his "stupid crooked hat", which hurts Muffin. He tells Muffin he is to "get out of here." in which he complies, driving away with his music playing in a depressed tone. Once Mugman tries to return to his story he realizes that he took it too far and that he must apologize to Muffin.

Mugman then goes running around the town until he finds Muffin at the docks late at night. Upon finding Muffin, he starts to laugh maniacally as he attempts too run Mugman down with his Ice Cream Truck. Muffin chases Mugman until he jumps into the ocean causing Muffin and his tuck sink into its depts. Muffin is thought to be dead until he comes flying out of the ocean where he continues to chase Mugman. He chases Mugman up until the cottage, where he reveals he was trying to catch Mugman to thank him for inspiring him to get a new "slightly smaller" hat. He then catches sight of Mugman's book and accidentally spoils the ending. Mugman, after having his evening ruined by being unable to read his book and being chased down by an ice cream truck just to be thanked for a minor reason, snaps and attacks Muffin, much to his confusion.

Dead Broke[]

In this episode Muffin gives Ms. Chalice, Cuphead, and Mugman the flavor of the day. When the trio cannot pay for their ice cream, Muffin takes the ice cream back and angrily drives away.


  • He shares the same voice actor with Henchman: David Wasson.