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Mudda is a song in The Cuphead Show!, sung in the episode Ribby and Croaks. It was composed by Ego Plum. The song is about how good Ribby and Croaks' mother was.


Ribby: Since we was tiny tadpoles,

There's only been one gal.

She washed and clothed and fed us,

Ribby and Croaks: And boosted our morale.

Croaks: We owe her everything we gots.

Everything we ever had.

Ribby: And she never did run out on us,

Ribby and Croaks: Not like our crummy dad-ah!

Ribby: Two, three, four!

Ribby and Croaks: Mudda.

We love you, mudda.

In this garlic bread called life, she was the butter!

Croaks: She told us boys, don't fight!

Ribby: She taught us wrong, from right.

Ribby and Croaks: Her heart, it was pure go-old!

She was our mudda!

Ribby: (Talking) We miss you's Ma!