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For the in-game character, see Ms. Chalice.

"The name's Chalice, Ms. Chalice. But listen, you don't wanna get mixed up with a gal like me! This chalice is nothing but trouble!"
Ms Chalice about herself, In Charm's Way

Ms. Chalice is a supporting character of The Cuphead Show!


Ms. Chalice's head is a chalice cup with what seems to be some sort of liquid inside, topped with a white and gold striped straw. Her eyes are similar to Mugman's, only with eyelashes and a beauty mark on the corner of her right eye.

As for her outfit, Ms. Chalice wears a black shirt with a white collar and a seafoam green skirt. For her lower body, she wears a pair of orange Mary Janes occasionally used as a way to charm others via Tap Dancing.


Ms. Chalice is shown to be very cute and charming, but also very manipulative and aloof. She uses her charm to get free stuff, something that prompts Cuphead and Mugman to follow her. She may be confident, but she is also very private, and dislikes anybody following her around. Despite that she is capable of showing care for those she grows close to, but not enough to deal with the police. When she discovers Cuphead and Mugman following her around, she even asks "Who sent (them)," implying she has a reason to be wary of people following her.

She is likely wary of others due to her ability to turn into a ghost, as revealed at the end of "In Charm's Way," when she turned into a ghost to escape through the walls of the cookie factory.


Season One

"In Charm's Way"

Season Two



In General

Given her disinterest in socialization, it's unknown if Ms. Chalice has had any friends before meeting Cuphead and Mugman.

Cuphead & Mugman

At first, she didn't seem to be interested in the duo, claiming to be a solo act and that she gets by without "friends" or "partners". However, after teaching them her methods on how to get free items, she's shown to have warmed up to the brothers and admits that they are "kinda fun" and even brought them to a cookie factory after hearing their story of how they failed to steal cookies themselves. She was also shown to be remorseful when she fled the cookie factory to evade the police. The trailer for the second season opens with her apologizing to the brothers for getting them arrested.


  • Ms. Chalice can turn into a ghost at will, as seen in the end of "In Charm's Way".
  • Ms. Chalice speaks in a Brooklyn accent.