"Looks like you could use some fresh air."
Mr. Wheezy, Death screen

Mr. Wheezy is a giant cigar that appears in the boss fight with King Dice when landing on Space 3. He is fought on two ashtrays which act as platforms.



Mr. Wheezy is a sentient cigar with yellow eyes with orange pupils, a long nose with a burnt black tip, a small pair of mustache and a burned head with powder. His teeth are noticeably yellow due to the fact that smoking does turn your teeth yellow, and there's a pretty big gap in the middle of them.


Very little is specifically known about Mr. Wheezy's personality, save the fact that judging by his death screen, he seems to have a flair for ironic humor.


Before the battle starts, King Dice is lighting Mr. Wheezy's tip with a lighter.



Mr. Wheezy attacks by blowing fireballs at the players which travel in loop-de-loops. After a while, he will disappear and reappear to another side, which prompts players to go to another ashtray while he is teleporting. Players also have to watch out for cigarette bats which come out of the fiery ground below. These cigarette bats can’t be disposed of, so you must dodge them. It is recommended to use the smoke bomb charm, as you can easily dash through the cigarette bats without getting hurt. In Expert mode, the fireballs will go twice as fast, being generally harder to evade, and he teleports faster.

Once defeated, Mr. Wheezy will start coughing and be crushed by King Dice's shoe, as a punishment for his failure.



  • Mr. Wheezy mentions in his death screen that the player looks like they need fresh air, which is ironic considering he is a smoking cigar.
    • Mr. Wheezy's line also happens to be a reference to smoking in gambling establishments.
    • The name "Wheezy" references a common symptom of smoking (wheezing).
  • Mr. Wheezy is the only boss from King Dice's fight that is outright punished by his boss for his failure, being stomped on by him. He is also one of three bosses to be directly interacted with by King Dice, the others being Chips Bettigan and Hopus Pocus.
    • The way King Dice punishes his minion also references the common way to put a cigar out after its use (stomping on it).
  • Mr. Wheezy is one of two characters to be referred to with the title "Mr." in-game. The other character, Mr. Chimes, can also be fought in All Bets Are Off!. Interestingly, their boss, King Dice, refers to himself as Mr. King Dice in his song lyrics.
  • Mr. Wheezy is the second character after King Dice to be inspired by Cab Calloway in terms of facial expressions, as evidenced in Mr. Wheezy's death screen.
  • When Mr. Wheezy teleports, he will be facing towards the player when he reappears, which means that the player will get trapped if they try to hide behind him.
  • Mr Wheezy was one of the playable bosses in a build made for Clueless Gamer along with 7 other stages.
  • Mr. Wheezy can briefly be heard saying "Oh, Yeah!" at the beginning, it can also be heard saying "Fus Ru-Ki!", "Smokey!" while alternating ashtrays.
    • Making him and Chips Bettigan the only two bosses that speak at the beginning and the duration of their respective fight.
    • "Fus Ru-Ki!" could also be a reference to Skyrim, as the Shout Unrelenting Force has the player shout "Fus Ro-Dah!"
  • In the unused Simple Mode, he would never shoot fire ball or teleport, no cigarette bats would spawn either. He only have the default 100 health. In later version like 1.1.3, the Simple Mode differences have been removed and would play like Regular Mode instead.
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